Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

2020 International Essay Contest for Young People


1. Background: 2020 International Essay Contest for Young People 

2. Entry deadline: June 15th

3. For more information: [here]

Dear SCORPions, 

Dear Friends of Peace, 

As I have encountered numerous beautiful writers from this Federation, I believe the opportunity I’m about to share would be appealing to you. Here’s the 2020 International Essay Contest for Young People organized by the Goi Peace Foundation! 

Young people from around the world are all invited to enter this essay contest. The theme for this year’s contest is: “A Letter from Myself in 2030”. As youth advocates striving for a better world in aspects of health, of environmental awareness, of gender equality, of youth empowerment, and of course, of human rights, I hope this would be a great chance for you to reflect on the past and anticipate the future. 

The deadline for entry is June 15, 2020.

Prize winners will receive a cash award and will be invited to Japan for the award ceremony. Please see the complete guidelines below or at https://www.goipeace.or.jp/en/work/essay-contest

Please feel free to share it with your national members; looking forward to the participation of many young people in your communities!


May Peace Prevail on Earth!
Best regards, Tammy