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AIDS2020: Virtual pre-conferences

The official pre-conference programme of the 23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020: Virtual) is now available.

Hosted online from Tuesday, 30 June to Friday, 3 July these independently organized meetings offer a wide range of population- and issue-specific programming within the field of global health and development. 
All AIDS 2020: Virtual delegates can attend pre-conferences. For those who wish to attend only pre-conferences and not the main conference, pre-conference passes are available for purchase on the registration page. More details can be found here.
AIDS 2020: Virtual pre-conferences
AIDS 2020 Youth Pre-Conference
Organizer: San Francisco and Oakland Youth Force (SFOYF) 
About: San Francisco and Oakland Youth Force (SFOYF) organizes a youth centric pre-conference which covers a myriad of topics that are relevant, selected and facilitated by young people. The broad agenda which reflects the array of topics relevant for young people affected by HIV/AIDS globally, is designed to provide a safe space for sharing, capacity building, and empowerment of adults and youth who participate. Read more

Contact: SFOYF, pre-conference@sfoyf.com
Website: https://preconference.zyrosite.com/
Latina Forum in HIV 2020
Organizer: Fundación Huésped 
About: Latin American and international experts will present the most relevant topics in the response to HIV in Latin America, in particular, the management of HIV infection and COVID-19. This includes the current situation in Latin America, how COVID-19 has impacted the continuum of healthcare in people living with HIV, and proposed strategies to return to “normality.” Read more

Contact: Micaela Figueroa, latinaforum@huesped.org.ar
Website: https://eventos.huesped.org.ar/latina-forum-en-hiv-2020
Pathways to an HIV cure: Tools for community and clinicians
Organizer: International AIDS Society (IAS)
About: The IAS is partnering with international and local civil society organizations to organize this interactive pre-conference to provide accessible information on current research directions, myths and misconceptions related to an HIV cure, and challenges of clinical trials in cure research. The meeting will be open to anyone interested in learning about the HIV cure field, but will focus particularly on ensuring that the broader community and clinicians have an opportunity to learn more about the HIV cure field and how it applies to them.Read more

Contact: Rosanne Lamplough, rosanne.lamplough@iasociety.org  
Website: Towards an HIV Cure event page
Practical solutions to financing the expansion and the sustainability of HIV/AIDS interventions
Organizer: The International AIDS Economics Network (IAEN) in collaboration with UNAIDS and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
About: The IAEN pre-conference is the only dedicated global event that convenes economists and health and AIDS response policy makers, to focus on accelerating progress in countries towards sustainable financing of the HIV response. It provides a strategic platform where economists engage with a wide range of stakeholders on new economic evidence; encourages cross-country learning of novel research findings; and promotes optimal utilization of economic intelligence in shaping cost-effective responses to the global HIV and AIDS pandemic. Read more

Contact: Alan Whiteside, awhiteside@balsillieschool.ca
Website: www.iaen.org/index.html
Rights, Resources, Resilience: Connecting North America to Asia Pacific 
Organizer: Asia Pacific Coalition on Male (APCOM)
About: The pre-conference will focus on the human rights situation of Asian and Pacific gay men and men who have sex with men in the North Americas, including violence, personal security, and the effects to their access to available HIV services. Through this, the pre-­conference will establish connections for the Asian and Pacific movement, networks, organizations in the realms of HIV and LGBT rights to bring about greater visibility in North America. Read more

Contact: Midnight Poonkasetwattana, midnightp@apcom.org
Website: www.apcom.org
The 6th Workshop on Children and Adolescents HIV-Exposed and Uninfected
Organizer: IAS (CIPHER), WHO, PHACS, UNICEF, MassGeneral Hospital for Children
About: The 6th Workshop on Children and Adolescents HIV-Exposed and Uninfected brings together clinicians, scientists, advocates, implementers and policy experts to better understand the short- and long-term health and developmental disparities of this population with a goal of facilitating collaborations to translate evidence into action. The workshop will interrogate the evidence, both mechanistic and epidemiologic, in relation to adverse birth outcomes in this population and discuss unique perinatal epidemiologic methods considerations in evaluating adverse birth outcomes. Read more

Contact: cipher@iasociety.org
Website: CIPHER event page 
The use of technology for HIV prevention and intervention for youth and young adults: Growing the global research by promising emerging scholars of color
Organizer: HIV Intervention Science Training Program (HISTP)  
About: This pre-conference highlights the work of the HIV Intervention Science Training Program (HISTP) Scholars, who are promising new investigators from underrepresented groups participating in an NIMH-funded R25 training programme at the Columbia University School of Social Work. The Scholars present a number innovative HIV studies addressing multi-level aspects of HIV risk, prevention, and implementation science that leverage technology (e.g., social media) among key populations in Africa and the United States. Read more

Contact: Audrey Ward, aw2671@columbia.edu 
Transgender in Latin America 2020
Organizer: Fundación Huésped 
About: Healthcare professionals and providers, decision makers and transgender representatives will talk about how to improve the health and quality of life for the trans population in Latin America, and during COVID-19 pandemic. Topics like proper care and treatment for the transgender population, by listening to the psycho-social aspects affecting this population and the testimony of transgender women, will be addressed. Read more

Contact: Micaela Figueroa, eventos@huesped.org.ar
Website: www.eventos.huesped.org.ar
Turning Threats into Opportunities: Implementing and Continuing Quality TB Services in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond
Organizer: USAID, IAS, STOP TB Partnership   
About: At a time when COVID-19 threatens the hard-won gains against TB, HIV, and person-centered, inclusive and quality healthcare more generally, we must put the policies and tools in place to ensure sustained and quality services for TB that can benefit people now and in the future. This pre-conference seeks to summarize innovative programmatic approaches and technologies that can be used to sustain and ensure quality of care for those with TB, and leverage the roll-out of diagnostic screening, decentralized models and digital health solutions to improve case finding and subsequent care for all three diseases. Read more

Contact: Teri Roberts, teri.roberts@iasociety.org
Website: TB/HIV 2020 event page
2020 90-90-90 Targets Update
Organizer: International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) 
About: The pre-conference aims to highlight successes achieved across the Fast-Track Cities network, address cross-cutting challenges faced by local stakeholders, and share best practices in accelerating urban AIDS responses, inclusive of co-infectious diseases and co-morbid conditions, including in the context of COVID-19. Read more

Contact: Jonathon Hess – jhess@iapac.org 
Website: www.IAPAC.org