Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Basic Research Competencies Framework


  1. Background: In IFMSA’s policy “Access to Research and Research Education”, IFMSA has committed itself to strive for research education. In 2018 an IFMSA survey was carried out to analyze how satisfied IFMSA members are with the current state of Access to Research and Research Education worldwide. The results have led the SCORE and SCOME IT to design the Basic Research Competencies Framework (BRCF) to address and picture medical students’ needs within Research Education.
  2. Summary: 
    1. The BRCF was developed by SCORE/SCOME IT to address the gap within Research Education and provide NMOs with a powerful advocacy tool.
    2. International Feedback and Input is needed to tailor the framework towards the actual members’ needs.
  3. What Recipients Need to do:
    1. Forward this email to your respective members.
    2. Please read the preliminary BRCF and provide input, feedback, and suggestions.
  4. Relevant Links:
    1. Basic Research Competencies Framework (BRCF): [LINK]
    2. Access to Research and Research Education Policy Document: [LINK]

Dear SCOME Members,

With this email, we would like to share with you the preliminary results of the joint SCORE and SCOME working group on the Basic Research Competencies Framework (BRCF).

  1. Background: 
    1. Access to Research and Research Education is one of IFMSA’s Global Priorities this term. In IFMSA’s Policy Document on Access to Research and Research Education, we have committed ourselves to work towards Research Education and make Research more accessible worldwide.
    2. IFMSA has carried out a survey and results reflected that 97% of medical students believe that research education is important in medical curricula, but only less than 20% agree that it is currently addressed, sufficiently.
    3. After analyzing the previous study results, the SCORE and SCOME International Teams 19/20 have designed the preliminary Basic Research Competencies Framework (BRCF). We believe that research in the context of evidence-based medicine is an essential skill for every healthcare professional. Understanding research and practicing scientific medicine is not inherent. Therefore, IFMSA developed the Basic Research Competencies Framework, a systematic approach to the essential competencies every medical student should have in order to develop the expected skill set in research and shape the medicine of tomorrow. We also believe this framework will be beneficial to institutions looking to incorporate or advance research education into undergraduate medical education.
  2. Explanation for what the recipient needs to do: 
    1. Background: Even though our group seems to be culturally and professionally diverse, we believe that if we want this Framework to be used internationally, we have to listen to international voices and let all medical students participate in the development process.
    2. Steps:
      1. Step 1: Please share this email with your respective members and social contacts.
      2. Step 2: Please carefully read the preliminary Basic Research Competencies Framework (BRCF) [LINK]
      3. Step 3: Please provide input in the document through comments and/or suggestions
      4. (Optional) Step 4: In case you have longer comments, feedback or questions do not hesitate to also email eda.score@ifmsa.org 
    3. Important to note: This framework has the purpose of helping the NMO’s convey their needs towards respective stakeholders. As we properly make your voices heard and implement them into this framework, this will be a powerful tool to advocate for our needs on a local, national, and international level.
  3. Deadline: 
    1. Please provide the final input until the 13th of June, 2020.

Thank you for your close attention. For any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact eda..score@ifmsa.org