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Brainfuse online Interprofessional Clinical Skills Competition


  1. Background: IFMSA and IPSF are launching the Brainfuse online Interprofessional Clinical Skills Competition
  2. Information summary:
  • The Brainfuse competition will be online about clinical skills
  • Registration will start on the 11th of April.
  1. What you need to do:
    1. Read the detailed concept note Here and the poster below
    2. Register online on the 11th of April

Dear medical students worldwide,

IFMSA and IPSF are co-hosting the “BRAINFUSE – Interprofessional Clinical Skills Competition!”

BRAINFUSE is an online team-based competition where, in a team of 5 comprising of at least two disciplines, participants will be given a clinical case to resolve. The teams will compete by demonstrating their skills in assessing patient information and current therapy, identifying and prioritizing medical problems, identifying treatment goals, and recommending a treatment and follow up care plan.For more information check the poster below, and click here to read the full concept note.Stay tuned for the 11th of April when the Registration will open!

The BRAINFUSE registration is now open! You can register either as an individual or two-person group, by filling in the registration form. The deadline is the 24th of April, 23:59 GMT. Any applications sent after this deadline will not be considered.

Please refer back to our previous email and check out the concept note here for more information on the competition.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Kind regards,

Saad & Matilda