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Breast Cancer: what we know about prevention and what the future holds for breast screening

I am sharing with you an opportunity from the Association of  European Cancer Leagues (ECL). Please feel free to share it with your members as well. 
What? webinar on breast cancer prevention and screening with speakers from the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana and the EU-funded project MyPeBS
When? On 22 October, 1:30 pm GMT 
More info & registration link:https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_RWsssRyqRfa_LiErTNfmC


The webinar will cover the following:
• Introduction to the European Code Against Cancer (ECAC)
• Understanding breast cancer
• Taking action to prevent breast cancer
• Detecting breast cancer
• Introduction to the MyPeBs project
• Risk-stratification & risk-stratified breast screening
• Clinical trials
• Q&A, quiz & closing remarks

Who’s speaking?
• Dr Katja Jarm, Epidemiologist, IOL
• Dr Suzette Delaloge, MyPeBs Coordinator
• ECL Youth Ambassador for the ECAC – TBC