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Call for IFMSA Delegation to the WHS23

Dear NMO,

With this email, we would like to open the call for the IFMSA delegation to the World Health Summit 2023, taking place from 15.-17.10.2023 in Berlin, Germany.


The World Health Summit brings you the world’s leading international, inter-sectoral and inclusive global health conference that will set the agenda for a healthier future. The Summit lasts 3 days with 6000+ Participants from 100+ Nations and 400+ Speakers. It starts with a ceremonial opening and reception on Sunday, October 15. : Experience the World Health Summit program live and in person and participate in the most important discussions on all Global Health topics. Enjoy networking with international participants from science, politics, industry, and civil society at our lunch & coffee breaks and social evening events. The World Health Summit’s central topics in 2023 include:

  • Learning from COVID-19 for Future Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response
  • Recommitting to Universal Health Coverage
  • Sustainable Health for People and Planet
  • G7/G20 Measures to Enhance Global Health Equity and Security
  • Harnessing the Power of Digital Technologies for Global Health
  • World Health Organization’s 75th Anniversary
  • Innovations to Accelerate the Fight Against Tuberculosis
  • Implementing the European Union Global Health Strategy
  • Global Financing Facility Resource Mobilization Event

Further information can be found on the official WHS Website.

IFMSA Delegation:

IFMSA’s participation in the World Health Summit 2023 aims to:

  • Network with external partners relevant to the IFMSA work.
  • Ensure IFMSA’s visibility in social media during the event.
  • Attend the IFMSA & IPSF co-organised session “Post the HLMs: Youth’s vision for the future of global health”
  • Support the VPE in developing logistical aspects of the meeting (finding accommodation, planning social activities, etc)
  • Represent the voice of 1.5 million medical students worldwide on global health.
  • Create advocacy plans, policy briefs and other advocacy-related publications that will be distributed in the meeting.
  • Other tasks of the delegation: participate in reflection sessions, attend sessions and events of other partners.

IFMSA delegates are expected to:

  • Be available to attend the full duration of the event;
  • Contribute to all tasks, agreed upon with the rest of the delegation before the event;
  • Contribute to the preparations in the period before the event and support in follow up plans in the period following the event and according to the timeline agreed within the delegation;
  • Work effectively towards the final objectives for IFMSA in the meeting;
  • Show full commitment and respect to tasks, deadlines, and fellow members of the delegation.

Important Notes:

  • The delegation will consist of 15 IFMSA members and will be led by VPE (Head of Delegation).
  • CAVE: Given that there’s a tight timeline of just 5 weeks between the selection of delegates and the summit itself, we strongly advise applicants to consider visa requirements in advance. Please check the visa processing times for Germany from your country and ensure you can secure an appointment or already have a valid visa. It’s essential to be proactive given the short window.

Application Process:

  • If you are interested, fill out the application form by 07.09.2023, 23:59 GMT; and
  • Upload a signed and stamped Candidature Form: You will need to upload a correctly filled candidature form (including the Title of the Meeting and its date as per the email you received) signed and stamped by your NMO President. A correctly filled CF is a requirement for your application to be considered valid.
    • Title of the Meeting: World Health Summit 2023
    • Date: 15.-17.10.2023
  • Refer to the IFMSA ‘How to Write an Application Manual’ (here) to help you write your application!
  • Selection criteria:
    • Motivation 
    • Interest and/or prior experience in the fields of Global Health
    • Experience in External Affairs
    • Follow-up plans
    • Contribution plans to the delegation
    • Availability during the entire meeting
    • Regional and gender representation
    • Be a student, or have graduated no more than 6 months prior to the meeting.
    • Only IFMSA members from active NMOs are eligible to apply;

If you have any questions or inquiries related to the report, feel free to reach out to me vpe.elect@ifmsa.org.