Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Campus Virtual de Salut Pública

1. Background: Call for Participants for the EMRM Virtual SCOPH Camp 2020

2. Important information:

a. Where: Online on Zoom Platform

b. When: From 10/7/2020 till 13/7/2020, everyday from 4 till 7 pm GMT

c. Application process: 

i. Fill out the Application Form

3. Important Links:

a. Application Form: link

b.Agenda and Sessions Description: link

4. Deadline: 7th of July 2020, 11:59 pm GMT

Dearest IFMSA SCOPHeroes,

what do you think is the link between history and knowledge? Some of you might say that through history, we got to know more about past civilizations and how the world evolved in so many different ways throughout history and I would definitely agree with this point of view. However for me, the link is something else, that we may have overseen. It is not only about what history taught us about the past, but it is also about, that with knowledge, the world evolved and continued its path to the present and will still continue to the future. Through knowledge, our ancestors could live and develop their world, so that one day one of their grandchildren can sit on a laptop now and write this email to his IFMSA friends and family all around the world. It is through knowledge that we are still living despite all wars, pandemics, natural disaster and so much more , that happened in the past and still happening till this very moment.
Arising from my belief in the importance of knowledge and how valuable it is in the way forward for everything, the idea of this EMRM Virtual SCOPH Camp arose. Getting Public Health knowledge to you in your own houses is not an easy step, but at the same time, I believe it is a golden opportunity to assist my region’s and standing committee’s members in developing themselves and such an opportunity is one, that I can’t hesitate about.
Without further ado, it is my utmost pleasure to announce the opening of the call for participants for the first ever EMRM Virtual SCOPH Camp 2020.Through this camp, you will dive deeper into SCOPH regional and global priorities, in addition to many other public health issues, delivered to you in the highest quality ever, by a wonderful ST and amazing guest speakers from our Federation. 
I also find it important to highlight several points regarding this call:

  • This call is open to ALL SCOPHeroes from the 5 IFMSA regions. Priority will be given to EMR members, in regards to percentage of participants from this region. However I can assure you all ,that members from all the other 4 regions will be attending, only just in lower numbers than from the EMR..
  • No certificates will be issued by IFMSA for attending this camp. This was a challenging step for us. We, the Sessions Team, believe that certificates are definitely important, but also learning just for the sake of learning is also equally important.
  • Spots will be limited to ensure high quality interactive sessions, so motivation will be the only selection criteria for the applicants.
  • Last but not least, high commitment is required to ensure adequate benefit from this camp. To ensure high commitment, for each day, participants will not be allowed to join this day’s sessions, if they joined after 20 minutes from the start of the day.

The Camp will take place in 4 consecutive days from Friday the 10th of July to Monday the 13 of July. Each day will start at 4 pm GMT and ends at 7 pm GMT.The call for participants will be open till Tuesday 7/7/2020 11:59 pm GMT. We apologize for the tight deadline, but this deadline is set to ensure we get back to the applicants as soon as possible after the call closes and before the camp starts. Once you checked the agenda and are ready to join us in this unforgettable camp, please fill this form, not later than the deadline mentioned earlier.
We have been working really hard to bring this extraordinary camp to you, in the best possible quality and only you will help us make this initiative a success for this year and hopefully for years to come. We can’t wait to see your wonderful applications and stay tuned for our promotional campaign for the camp on our IFMSA SCOPH Facebook group in the next few days.