Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Competències acadèmiques dels intercanvis clínics


Background: Educational outcomes of SCOPE exchange survey

 Important links: www.bit.ly/educationaloutcomes 

Deadline: 16th of June, 23:59 GMT.

Dear IFMSA members,

The Small Working Group on Academic competencies in SCOPE Exchanges are gathering information regarding the current state of educational outcomes of a SCOPE exchange, one of which is through this survey which aims to gather information on exchange experiences.
If you are a medical student and have been on an exchange between 2018-2020, please fill out this form: www.bit.ly/educationaloutcomes or scan the QR code. The survey closes on 16/06/2020.   

The objectives of the survey are:

– Analysing students’ perspectives on their professional exchange

– Collecting information on how are the competencies students are expected to acquire during their exchange addressed

This way, the survey will help us work on a framework that will better address exchange students’ learning objectives, which will be incorporated in the Student’s Handbook. Creating this competency framework will enable all the involved parties (SCOPE teams, incoming/outgoing students, contact persons, and tutors) to know what are the expectations from an IFMSA Exchange, through setting standards of learning that can be adapted to any department.

Many thanks,

SWG Academic Competencies of SCOPE Exchange