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Consulta sobre salut adolescent

Summary:Subject: IFMSA is moderating the UN MGCY consultation on Adolescents health
Global consultation is on June 27th 1pm gmt
Registration link Here

Salam Dear IFMSA members and friends,
I hope my email finds you well. I inform you that IFMSA is moderating the UN MGCY consultation on adolescents’ health and wellbeing. The schedule is as follows:

  • Global – Saturday 27th June – 13:00 GMT/UTC
  • WHO EURO – Saturday 4th July – 14:00 GMT/UTC
  • WHO AFRO – Tuesday 30th June (French and English) – 13:00 GMT/UTC
  • WHO WPRO – Friday 3rd July – 12:30 GMT/UTC
  • WHO SEARO – Saturday 4th July – 11:30 GMT/UTC
  • WHO PAHO – Saturday 4th July (English) & Sunday 5th July (Spanish) – 9.00AM PET/ 14.00 GMT
  • WHO EMRO – 29th June – 3rd July – 21:00 CLT/19:00 GMT daily

To participate do register Here  (link here)Make sure to register in the global consultation which is taking place soon and is moderated by IFMSA LPH and LOSO.
Kind regards,