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Conversation with UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has called the Covid-19 crisis a “colossal test of leadership”. Since the pandemic emerged, Bachelet has advocated forcefully for a human rights-based response, calling for universal access to health care, global solidarity, and efforts to mitigate the impact on women and vulnerable groups such as migrants, prisoners, and the poor. Bachelet has also warned of the threat to civil liberties posed by governments that use the Covid-19 emergency as cover to concentrate power or introduce repressive policies. As a two-time former president of Chile, and a former health minister and practising physician, High Commissioner Bachelet is uniquely attuned to how Covid-19 is impacting human rights in Latin America.

How should governments ensure the protection of human rights while implementing effective public health policies? And how well are Latin American governments striking the balance? What can be done for especially vulnerable populations in the region? What are the longer-term implications of the pandemic for democracy and human rights in Latin America?

If you are curious about the above questions, join the dialogue with Bachelet on April 29th, where an in-depth conversation would take place! Register at: https://interamerican.z2systems.com/np/clients/interamerican/eventRegistration.jsp?event=326&
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