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[COVID19] Recursos relacionats amb COVID-19



  1. Background: re-sharing COVID-19 related resources
  2. Relevant Links:
    1. COVID-19 Library: here
    2. National Strategies and Initiatives: here
    3. WHO dashboard on COVID-19: here
    4. Form to share resources: here


Dear friends,

I hope this email finds you well and safe. 

A few months ago, back when the pandemic started, many efforts were made to gather information on COVID-19. Being informed and educated is the only way to combat chaos, uncertainty and fake news. This is why we’re re-sharing the resources gathered then. 

  • Background: We know more now about COVID-19, but as the pandemic isn’t over, information on it is still extremely relevant. We’re re-sharing the COVID-19 Library created a few months ago, and encourage you to disseminate it among your members and get informed. We will periodically update the resources in the library.
    • COVID-19 Library: here
  • What you need to do: 
    • Check out the library: here
    • Share any additional resources: if you have any information from a reliable source that should be added to the library, please fill in this form here
    • Check the WHO dashboard on COVID-19: here
  • National Strategies and Initiatives on COVID-19: many NMOs are actively working on COVID-19 initiatives, projects, campaigns and even strategies. 
    • Kindly upload your strategies or initiatives in the relevant folder, no matter the language they’re in: here
    • Also feel free to add to the same folder your country’s national COVID-19 vaccination plan, if any. No matter the language.