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Crida per a Comissions de posicionaments

Call for AM20 Policy Commissions


Relevant links: Application Form

Deadline: 10th of June

Dear IFMSA Members,

With this form we are officially opening the call for AM20 Policy Commissions!

IFMSA bylaw 17.2.c reads: A policy commission is composed of three people, with 2 representatives of the NMOs and one Liaison Officer. The proposer of the draft is part of the policy commission and is responsible of appointing its members. The tasks of the policy commission are the following:

i. They are responsible of the quality of the policy document with the approval of the proposer.
ii. Ensuring the content is based on global evidence.
iii. Collecting and incorporating NMO feedback after the call for input.
iv. Coordinating the discussion during the General Assembly Meeting.

This includes review of the policy draft for relevance, applicability, scientific accuracy, grammar and any potential areas of controversy along with the review of the references and cross checking in literature.

Therefore, we will be appointing 2 NMO Representatives for each of the submitted Policy Documents:

  • Meaningful Youth Participation
  • Health Emergencies
  • Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health
  • Abolishing Child Marriage
  • Menstrual Health
  • Meaningful Student engagement in Medical Education
  • Ethics and Healthcare
  • Open Access, Open Education and Open Data
  • Migrants’ Health
  • Disaster and Emergency Management
  • Children’s health and rights

You can apply by filling in THIS FORM

Selection Criteria
1. NMO experience on the topic of the Policy Document (depending on which you are applying for).2. NMO’s general experience in policy making (related to National and IFMSA policy or any other policy processes).3. Motivation to contribute as policy commission and availability of the NMO representative will be taken into account, too.4. Gender and regional balance will also be highly taken into account.
Deadline: 10th of June 11:59 PM GMT

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Policy Assistant at pa.ea@ifmsa.org or any of the relevant Liaison Officers.
We look forward to receiving your applications and working with you!