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Background: The Online General Assembly provides a great opportunity for IFMSA Members, NMOs, and Leadership to interact, propose topics, and facilitate discussion about subjects that matter to them. We are opening the call for our Digital Open Spaces (DOS), to be held during this first online event.

Deadline: 28th July 2020 at 23:59 GMT. 

Needed action:

  • In order to propose the topic, fill out this (form)
  • Once Confirmed and selected, you’ll be responsible for conducting the session, IFMSA will provide the platform and the promotion.

Dear NMOs, Dear IFMSA Members, 

I hope this email finds you doing well and getting excited for what’s in preparation for your first online General Assembly August Meeting 2020. As we were preparing our agendas, IFMSA Officials offered a very inclusive process to include all the needed topics for impactful sessions. With a digital setting, we deemed necessary to use this opportunity and open further doors for members and NMOs to discuss topics that really matter to them.

1. Why should you propose a Digital Open Session (DOS)?

We planned the Online General Assembly with this core value of offering spaces for members for interaction, a safe space to raise their voices, and to use the platform that IFMSA offers you to get different perspectives. The aim of having DOS is also to adapt to Regional and Timezones differences to provide distilled and quality interaction for our members worldwide.

2. What is DOS?

They are an opportunity for members to take part in the creation of the content for the online General Assembly. This will be endorsed and promoted by the official channels and it will have increased visibility. Although we invite all of you to also collaborate and discuss various topics of interest throughout the oGA period, we are still going to provide this specific space for you as well.

The format will be what you envision you can do within 60 minutes that is allocated for this (with some buffer time). It is your time to be creative and expressive. Perhaps you want a discussion amongst participants on a topic close to your heart, or maybe you would like to organize the attendance of several speakers or have an activity for participants.

3. Who Can Propose a Topic? NMO Presidents, OGA Delegates, International Team members, Officials, and Program Coordinators. 

4. Which Topic Can you propose?

Topics that are relevant for your NMOthe NMO presidents to bring up and to discuss with the other delegates in order to get a wider view of the issue and gather inputs or raise awareness about the presented issue. in order to set a way forward.

5. How can you propose it? 

Fill out the following form (here) in order to submit your proposal. Proposals will be evaluated by NMO-Presidents and the selected coordinators will be contacted with further instructions about the platforms and the tools. IFMSA is able to provide you with Zoom business accounts (300 participants), Miro whiteboard page, Wooclap, Discord support.

Warm Regards.