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Crida per Trainers al Babylonia III (IFMSA-Iraq)

  • Subject: Call For Trainers for IFMSA-Iraq SRT – Babylonia III
  • When: 20-23 February 2021 
  • Where: Babil, Iraq. 
  • Trainers Application form: here
  • Available workshops:
    • SMART (Activity Management from Idea to Impact)
    • HRMP (Human Rights for Medical Practitioners)
  • Deadline to Apply: 18 January 2022 – 23:59 GMT  

Dear NMOs and Capacity Builders Worldwide. 

We hope this email finds you in good health and wellbeing. 

IFMSA-Iraq is absolutely thrilled to announce the call for trainers for IFMSA-Iraq SRT Babylonia III.

What is Babylonia III and why do we have it? 

Babylonia III is a Sub-Regional Training (SRT) which is an IFMSA event hosted by an NMO featuring one or multiple Capacity Building Workshops in different topics that IFMSA worldwide advocates for. This SRT will feature two workshops in the duration of three to four days in which participants will attend and actively engage in multiple training sessions every day. 

Babylonia III  is one of the different means of equipping IFMSA members with the knowledge and skills they need to develop and to engage in achieving IFMSA goals and approaching its vision, as these workshops will capacitate the members in a way that makes them more oriented toward their standing committee work, and provides them with the tools to build and enhance the capacity building operation in their NMO and IFMSA as a whole. as we can all agree that through the capacity building we can build a brighter, more shining tomorrow for IFMSA.

When and where will Babylonia III take time and place? 

 It will take time in the duration of 20-23 February 2022 and will be hosted in the city of Babil, Iraq.

Registration and Fees 

For Trainers they will be receiving:

  • A Welcoming package. 
  • Fully Covered Accommodation and Meals.
  • Free Participation in all social program activities. 
  • Transportation means from the airport to the venue. 

How to become a Trainer

This Year Babylonia III is hosting two workshops, you can apply to each of the following workshops through this form:

  • SMART (Activity Management from Idea to Impact)
  • HRMP (Human Rights for Medical Practitioners)


  • All Applicants should be registered trainers or facilitators in the IFMSA trainers pool. 
  • Make sure to check the relevant regulations for the workshop you are applying for here.

Deadline to apply is the 18/January/2022 – 23:59 GMT