Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

ECCH Activities


1. Background: Call for Activities (input) in Environment, Climate Change & Health for the ECCH Activities 101 SWG (for a toolkit/manual construction).

2. What recipients need to do: Fill in the following form if they want to share their activity in ECCH (not enrolled in IFMSA programs): HERE

3. Deadline: June 19th, 25:59 GMT.

Dear SCOPHeroes around the world:
We need your input and help! As ECCHA 101 SWG, we are working towards writing a document for our members to create their own activities in the topic of Environment, Climate Change & Health, however, we do not have enough information of all the amazing efforts you are doing in your NMOs everyday about this specific subject!
So, we are calling you to fill this form before June 19th, 23:59 GMT, if you think your NMO has an inspiring activity, a good idea or initiative in this matter, but is not enrolled in the IFMSA Programs. Your activity will be incredibly helpful for us and it could be featured in our ECCHA 101 final document!. 
Good ideas must be shared! We will be waiting for your input. 
If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us: ra.scoph..europe@ifmsa.org (Taur & Iulia), ra.scoph.americas (Catalina) & okulusagata@gmail.com (Agata), as SWG coordinators. 

Warm orange hugs!

ECCHA 101 SWG (Taur, Iulia, Agata, Luis, Kelvin, Nuria, Renato & Catalina).