Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Engagement and Online Facilitation Support Persons


  1. Background: We are looking for Engagement and Online Facilitation Support Persons for our online General Assembly Meeting . Now that the Call for Participants is closed we will be happy to welcome some support person to help us bring a sense of humanity that will bring the Original IFMSA Experience to the Online platforms..
  2. Positions: 5-10 people
  3. Link: Apply here
  4. Deadline: 26/7/2020 at 23:59 GMT

Dear participants of the OGA AM20,

Dear members of IFMSA,

When you look at the highlights of General Assembly meetings what do you see? Amidst the sessions you are able to get a glimpse of the endless possibilities that participating in such a large event provides. Chance to meet, learn about other people, countries, cultures. Establish new collaborations, connections, discuss topics close to your heart or learn about something that once seemed so distant and further your impact.

At times when there are 800 participants somewhere near you, all of this comes naturally, organically. The online setting is different, unique in the way that everyone is far away, but still within reach and it is only up to us to reach out. We worked on many ideas during the past months on how we could bring this feeling of closeness to our online General Assembly. We will not be trying to implement all of them, but to implement the ones that we are able to, we will need support of some people.

The number of spots for Engagement and Online Facilitation Support Persons are not defined. We need the support team to help us in the following tasks:

  • Enhance Participants Engagement on our Community Discord Server.
  • Coordinate Networking Activities and Cultural Program, 
  • Moderate Discussion and Thread and Answer Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Coordinate the Participation and Registration for our Wellbeing Activities.
  • Facilitate Discussions on Miro 

We will have a couple of people to work on each of the above and help us in the following activities:

  • iHealth sessions featuring both workout and sharing sessions
  • OGA: The Greatest Show!
  • OGA: Virtual Party!
  • OGA: Global Health Movie Morning
  • The roll call #Digital
  • And more!

We are looking for 5-10 OGA Participants to help us in achieving our tasks above, but also allow you to showcase your creativity and make this a unique experience for all participants! The highest workload will be between 28th July and 8th August as some of the mentioned activities will need to be completed. You will be working together with Officials to achieve these tasks and get some behind the scenes views on how organization of a GA goes.

You need to be available and motivated to work in this period. We need people skilled in design to help on the Miro platform, writing to catch the attention of our participants, experience in conducting and organizing social events, and above all else, desire to work on this. 

Coordination will be done by me. If you are interested to apply, please apply through the form here. Deadline to apply is short, until the 26th July 2020 at 23:59 GMT, but so is the application form. 

Join us as we bring the IFMSA General Assembly into the homes of over 1100 participants from around 130 of our NMOs across the world!