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Espais oberts de salut i drets sexuals i reproductius

Dearest SCORAngels around the world, 

We hope this email finds you all well. We are sending you this email to invite you all to attend SCORA Open access sessions that will be live-streamed for any SCORA member in FB group. If you still have not joined the SCORA Facebook group, do so by clicking here. Feel free to join us while the sessions will be live streamed in our group and let your members know about those that are happening:

  • Friday 14th at 14:30 GMT: Current SRHR challenges related to COVID-19 outbreak Panel – Amazing externals are awaiting you!

Description: in the midst of the current crisis, we have been faced with numerous challenges. One that has been sadly overlooked and hugely neglected in many countries would be how much the Covid-19 outbreak has impacted SRHR. 

That is why we want to shed a light on the global situation with a focus on the social, political and economical consequences all the while highlighting the regional disparities and perspectives in terms of SRHR services accessibility, affordability and availability. A panel of IFMSA speakers and speakers from different stakeholder organisations that work closely on the matter will be joining us in this session.

  • Sunday 16th at 13:45 GMT: How to deal with backlash and being political in SRHR

Description: In SCORA, SRHR advocates often face a lot of backlash as they navigate sociocultural barriers and political issues in their work. In this session, we will discuss how to tackle these issues in a solutions-based manner to improve their SRHR advocacy as well as build soft skills of the participants with SCORA values to train them in being respectful and considerate of others’ opinions as well.

Come join us. We are looking forward to your comments on the sessions. 


Abra, your DA ME, on behalf of SCORA ST <3