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FemTechnology Summit 2022

Prepare to be inspired about what the future holds
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Throughout history women have been considered ‘aberrations’ from the norm, rather than a crucial and vital part of the population to be included in medical trials and long-term studies. This has resulted in missing data sets and a lack of understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of many gynecological conditions, as well as unwanted pharmaceutical side effects for non- gynecological diseases, delays in care, underdiagnoses or undertreatment.
However, be it by wearables, mobile apps, home testing devices or kits – this is beginning to change…

Discover the link between gender and effective therapy in medicine:

> The Gender Data Gap: The gender data gap is a deadly one. Discover innovative ways companies are collecting gender specific medical data to close the gap and better understand female specific metrics through the vaginal microbiome, remote neonatal monitoring, orgasm analysis etc.

> The Link Between Gender and Effective Therapy in Medicine: Disease can be mitigated when caught at the onset. A deep dive with companies focussed on cervical and breast cancer and autoimmune diseases who are bringing screening capabilities to the patient.

> Fertility x PCOS x Endometriosis: Fertility and gynecological diagnoses have long been notoriously opaque and difficult to navigate. Medicine as a whole, however, is entering an era of personalization – explore in what ways personalized medicine holds the promise of revolutionizing female fertility and gynecological diagnosis.

> The Future of Care: The healthcare system was not designed with women in mind. Examine the technologies being put forth to radically revolutionize the way care is delivered to women: from pre-empting menopausal symptoms, to tracking endometriosis, to delivering

Explore cutting edge research, innovation and inventions from Start Ups and
Academics in the field.

Join Researchers from: 
> Harvard University 
> Brown University
> Stanford University
University of South Carolina
(more to be announced soon…)

And Start ups:
> Kindbody: a tech-enabled clinic, revolutionizing the fertility experience by delivering holistic care all in one place (at home testing, therapy, wellness services and gynecology). FDA-cleared wearable tracking device to identify both the opening and closing of the fertile window.
> BloomLife: remote personalised ma- ternal and fetal healthcare.

> Parla: a digital health platform putting data and knowledge in women’s hands, aiming to revolutionize and reframe the conversations of fertility and miscarriage. > Evvy: at home vaginal microbiome testing to help get to the root of recurrent vaginal infections and other symptoms, linked to infertility and cancer amongst other things.
> Mymee: a data-powered digital care program for people with autoimmunity and long-COVID, to get understand and get to the root of triggers and eliminate symptoms
> Wild.ai: an app redesigning the infrastructure for female health by helping women train, fuel, and recover based on their menstrual cycle.
> Lioness: a sexual wellness company dedicated to championing female sexual pleasure and health. Aka the first smart vibrator that helps improve pleasure and orgasms through biofeedback data.
> Mobile ODT: using artificial intelli- gence for cervical screening, evaluation, and sexual assault forensics.

> Daye: the brand behind the world’s first and only pain-relieving tampons. They have been clinically validated to work better and faster than painkillers.
> Maven: the largest virtual clinic for women’s and family health, offering continuous, holistic care for fertility, pregnancy and parenting, helping reduce costs and drive better health outcomes for both parents and children.

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Prepare to be inspired about what the future holds.