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Global Health Delivery Project

Dear members,
Health is a fundamental human right and essential for a good quality of life. Being free from illness directly affects our capacity to enjoy life. Initiatives to address the unmet needs of those facing both poverty and serious illness have expanded significantly over the past decade. But many of them are designed in an ad-hoc manner to address one health problem among many; they are too rarely assessed; best practices spread slowly. As future healthcare professionals and leaders of the 21st century, it is essential for us to build our capacity and network with people around the globe in improving the global health delivery. As medical students, our ability to become competent and compassionate physicians is rooted in how we understand our patients’ needs and causes of illness.

IFMSA-Pakistan in collaboration with MSAI India and Globalisation and Health Initiative of BVMD Germany, is immensely delighted to present you with an activity on global health, health systems, planetary health and equitable access to healthcare services by people of low and middle income countries (LMICs).
We are proud to have panelists and trainers who are each pioneers in their own fields with extraordinary experiences representing different regions of the globe. 
The Global Health Delivery Project (GHDP) will be taking place starting from 20th August with exciting initiatives planned throughout!
21st to 30th August, 2020: Social Media Campaign on Global Health21st to 31st August, 2020: Article Writing Competition25th, 26th & 27th August, 2020: Webinars on Global Health Delivery with panelists from all over the globe including BVMD Germany and MSAI India28th, 29th & 30th August, 2020: Capacity Building Training Sessions on Global Health Delivery delivered by certified trainers from IFMSA-Pakistan
digital manual for medical students on Global Health Delivery will also be provided to all the participants before the end of the activity along with e-certificates for the participants. Stay tuned for more details!
To be a part of this exciting initiative, please register here: link to registration
Passionate hugs,
Adeel and ArsalanVPCB and VPA IFMSA-Pakistan