Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Graphic Truths

Dear SCOMEdians

I’m forwarding you this amazing opportunity from Graphic Truths who are inviting medical students worldwide to share visual narratives of their experiences in medical training. 
They are seeking original, unpublished artwork – sketches, single-panel cartoons, graphic panels, or comic strips – with text in English for a new graphic medicine title on medical education worldwide. The book will be called The Making (and Unmaking) of a Doctor – The Graphic Truth, edited by Shelley Wall, Ph.D., Josh Feder, MD, Jillian Horton, MD, and Allan Peterkin, MD.
They hope to include illustrations that capture all stages of medical training, as well as ones that represent themes such as resilience, commitment, disillusionment, inspiration, and many more. Attached you’ll find the Call for Submissions if you are interested or you can share it with your fellow SCOMEdians of your NMO and students in your medical schools. This project aims to encourage individuals from our community to share their experiences through the novel medium of graphic medicine, which is gaining traction as a powerful tool in medical education.

Deadline: 31/7 

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please visit their site at www.graphic-truths.com