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[IFMSA] Crida per a delegació al UN ECOSOC Youth Forum 2020 & UN General Assembly Youth Plenary 2020

Aquí tens una nova oportunitat per a assistir a un esdeveniment internacional representant a IFMSA.

ATENCIÓ: per a poder enviar el formulari necessites un document signat per l’AECS. Fes-nos arribar les respostes al formulari i el Candidature Form a secgen@aecs.org per tal de que se’t signi el document. 


  1. Background: Call for IFMSA Delegation to the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum 2020 & UN General Assembly Youth Plenary 2020
  2. UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum:
    1. Where: New York, USA
    2. When: 31 March – 2 April 2020
    3. Application process: 
  • Fill out the Application Form (Link!
  • Upload the filled-in Candidature Form (Link!) in the required section of the Application Form.
  1. Deadline: 21st Jan 2020, 23:59 GMT

Dear IFMSA family,

I am hereby opening the call for the IFMSA delegation to the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum 2020 (1-2 April). preceded by a UN General Assembly Youth Plenary 2020 (31st of March). Both events will take place in New York, USA.

This email aims to inform you about all the procedures needed to apply to be a member of the IFMSA delegation for both events. Please read it carefully till the very end. 


When: 31 March to 2 April 2020.

Where: United Nations Headquarters, New York City, USA.

What: Every year, the United Nations ECOSOC (The Economic and Social Council of United Nations) Youth Forumprovides an opportunity for young people to engage in a dialogue with Member States. They discuss policy frameworks and promote innovative, institutionalised approaches and initiatives for advancing the youth development agenda at national, regional and global levels. The ECOSOC Youth Forum (1-2 April, 2020) has evolved into a key platform where young people, high-level Government representatives and other stakeholders of the youth sector contribute to policy discussions through their positions, ideas, solutions, and innovations for the SDGs. It is normally connected with key UN processes and events under the umbrella framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. In line with previous edition, the 2020 ECOSOC Youth Forum will serve as a platform for multi-stakeholder discussion on how young people’s role can be further amplified and strengthened within the overarching framework of decade of action for the SDGs. The ECOSOC Youth Forum 2020 will be guided by the high-level political forum theme on “Accelerated Action and Transformative Pathways: realizing the decade of action and delivery for sustainable development”.

This year’s Forum will be part of a year-long activities planned for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, including a Youth Plenary that will be convened jointly under the auspices of the President of the General Assembly and the President of ECOSOC. The General Assembly Youth Plenary (March 31, 2020) will be guided by the theme of the UN’s 75th Anniversary: “The Future We Want, the UN We Need: Reaffirming our Collective Commitment to Multilateralism.” The outcome of the Youth Plenary will feed into the ECOSOC Youth Forum as well as the 21 September 2020 high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly on the 75th Anniversary. (More information: Coming soon)

For more information:

  • UN ECOSOC website: Link!
  • IFMSA at the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum Session 2019: Link!

How to apply? 

  • Fill out the following Application Form (Link!) and prepare your Candidature Form (Link!).
  • The Candidature Form (CF) should be signed and stamped by your NMO President. If the candidate is the NMO President, the confirmation must be signed by a suitable alternative NMO board member. Your CF should be ready before filling out the Application Form above as you will be asked to upload it in the Application Form. A correctly filled CF is a requirement for your application to be considered valid.
  • The deadline for applications is the 21st of January 2020, 23:59 GMT. Accepted applicants will be notified by the End of January 2020.
  • You may wish to refer to the IFMSA ‘How to Write an Application Manual’ (Link!) to help you in this process.
  • Incomplete or late applications will not be taken into consideration.

We encourage all emerging members to apply, those who are committed and passionate to learn, gain new skills, and participate in IFMSA’s activities even beyond the conference.

Evaluation Criteria: 

The applicants will be evaluated based on the following selection criteria:

  • Motivation for attending the UN Youth Forum and the UN General Assembly Youth Plenary.
  • Relevant experience and interest in global health.
  • Understanding of IFMSA’s external work, including policy work, advocacy and partnerships.
  • Plans for the contribution to the delegation in the preparation, the on-site actions and the follow-up of the meeting;

Note that the evaluation of the received applications will be performed objectively with consideration of the criteria mentioned above. Regional representation and gender balance will be taken into account.

Accepted applicants will receive online training and preparation as soon as the results are released. IFMSA commits to brief, train and prepare all delegates to the meeting and to strategically coordinate the delegation during the meeting. Unfortunately, IFMSA is not able to cover transportation or accommodation expenses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at vpe@ifmsa.org.

Best of luck and looking forward to reading your amazing applications!

Kind regards,