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[IFMSA] Informe quadrimestral de l’equip europeu

Dear European Region!

It is my pleasure to present you the first EuroTeam’s Quarterly Report of the term 2019/2020. We have opted for a more visual approach of the most important things we have achieved in the past 3 months since the start of the term;

Quarterly Report Infographic Final.png

Nevertheless, I am sharing you a more cohesive and detailed report from each of the EuroTeam members. You can access the sheet here.

In case you have any questions or comments, you can directly comment to the relevant cell or you can send an email to the relevant EuroTeam member – all the contact information are visible in the sheet as well.

I would like to use this opportunity to wish you a fruitful start of 2020, alongside with happiness and good health to you and all your loved ones!

On behalf of the EuroTeam 2019/2020,

Boris PodobnikGeneral Assistant for Europe