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Troba a continuació tot el que necessites saber sobre la competició a nivell europeu sobre projectes sobre salut mental!


a challenge for European Mental health activists 

As a way to raise awareness and promote mental health in the region as well as to highlight the work our NMOs do in this area, we are thrilled to open a regional competition for activities and projects that work on mental health. 

As stated in our Regional Priority:

“Mental health problems and disorders are becoming Europe’s largest health challenge of the 21st century. They are a major burden for society and are associated with significant losses of productive human capital, both in the general and in the working population. Affecting more than one in six people across the European region in any given year (these figures also fail to capture the complexity of the problems many people face – 32% of those affected have one additional mental disorder, while 18% have two and 14% three or more) they rank as the first cause of years lived with disability (YLD) which makes them by far the largest contributor to chronic conditions affecting the European population.”

One of the key IFMSA principals is “Think Globally, Act Locally” and this is exactly what we are trying to promote! We are looking for activities which actively address mental health-related problems in the communities they live in and leave a mark, an impact on its people.. 

Who can apply?

Activities from all Standing Committees are encouraged to apply even if mental health is just a subtopic they cover (for example, if your project focuses on raising awareness about the LGBTQI+ issues, but also has a specific activity on tackling mental health aspects in the community). 

How to apply?

Fill in the application form which can be found here

How are the activities going to be selected?

After the deadline, all submitted activities will be scored by the EuroTeam. One activity from each of the Standing Committees will be selected and later on announced during the regional sessions in March Meeting in Rwanda. The winning activities will then have more than one month to prepare an interactive presentation for EuRegMe. The final winner will be chosen by the NMOs and announced during the Closing Ceremony.  

1st round: activities will be scored based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance and impact on the target group: is the problem statement related to the communities’ needs, what kind of output it provides and how it contributes to bringing a change to a local/national level.
  • Methodology: how well the methods correspond to the goals and objectives if the problem statement is tackled, how innovative and original the used methods are and how they relate with the follow-up plan. 
  • Evaluation and follow up: how is the impact tracked and measured, are there any long-term plans for after the activity is carried out. 

2nd round: After the presentation at EuRegMe, the NMOs attending will be able to vote on the presented activities. 

  • Each NMO will be granted one vote which will be assured through assigning specific codes to each one of them. The activity with the highest amount of votes will be selected as the winner. 

What is the Timeline?

  • 9th of January 2020: competition is opened and shared on all channels
  • 21st of February 2020: deadline for submissions
  • First week of March (during regional sessions at MM): announcing the winners of the 1st round (one per Standing Committee)
  • lLst week of April (during EuRegMe): presentations of the 1st round winners

The overall winning activity will be announced during the Closing ceremony of EuRegMe 2020.

What are the Awards?

  • Promotion
    • All submitted activities will be promoted on the IFMSA European Region Facebook page in the form of infographics,
    • The winning activities of the 1st round will be promoted on regional Facebook and Yahoo group,  and on the European server,
    • The winning activities of the first round will also be presented during our Regional Meeting in Lithuania in front of all the participants.
  • An article at www.ifmsa.org: all winning activities of the 1st round will be published as featured articles on the IFMSA website. 
  • YO!Fest 2020 spot: the winning activity (1st place) will receive two spots in the IFMSA YO!fest delegation. The event will take place from 29th to 30th of May 2020 in Strasbourg, France.

In case of questions or need for support in the application process, do not hesitate to reach out to our GA, Boris via ga.europe@ifmsa.org at any time.

We are looking forward to get to know about your mental health activities!

Big blue hugs,D&D / Double D’s – Diogo and Dunja