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[MM20] Crida per a equip de plenaris i comitè financer de la March Meeting 2020 d’IFMSA

A continuació, trobaràs tota la informació que necessites per a presentar-te per a formar part de l’equip de plenaris o el comitè financer de la pròxima March Meeting d’IFMSA a Rwanda. En cas de qualsevol dubte pots enviar-nos un correu a aecs-catalonia@ifmsa.org



  1. Background: 3rd call for Plenary Team and Financial Committee Members and relevant information for NMO Presidents and prospective applicants for March Meeting 2020 and results of the 1st call for the Plenary Team
  2. Important Links:
    1. Candidature From: here
    2. Link for application: here
    3. Eligibility List: here
    4. IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws: here
  3. Deadline:11th January 2020, 23:59 GMT.


Dear NMOs and IFMSA Members,

With this email, we would like to open the third call for the Plenary Team and Financial Committee Members for March Meeting 2020.

  1. Background: 
    1. Plenary Team: IFMSA has a long democratic tradition. If you are passionate about making our decision-making process just and fair, about making sure every voice is heard – then grab this opportunity and apply for the Plenary Team.
    2. Financial Committee: In order to make all the work of IFMSA possible, the Federation needs to have a financial administration in place. The Financial Committee audits IFMSA bookkeeping twice a year, reviews financial reports of General Assemblies as well as Travel Assistance Fund (TAF) applicants, and review the solidarity fund recipients. If you like money talk and if you like to work with numbers, then apply for the Financial Committee.
  1. Possible Application: 

a) Plenary Team:

 i. Assistant-Secretaries:

  1. Definition: responsible for taking the minutes of our plenary sessions along with the Plenary Secretary. They are appointed by the Chairperson
  2. Third Call open for 2-3 Secretary Assistants
  3. Relevant Bylaw Paragraph: paragraphs 3.20 and 3.94 of the IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws
  4. Applicant Skill: 
    1. Blind typing skills 
    2. Fluent written and spoken English 
    3. Sufficient experience in minute taking 
    4. Able to dedicate most of their time on the minutes of the GA
  1. Constitution Credential Committee members
  1. Definition: 
    1. Will work together to fulfill the tasks mentioned in the bylaws. 
    2. Centered on ensuring that all procedures of the GA follow the IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws 
    3. It is the Decision-making body when it comes to disagreements on the interpretation of the Bylaws
    4. Will review all applications, candidatures, and motions so that it is not in contradiction with the IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws
  2. Relevant Bylaw Paragraph: paragraphs 3.22 to 3.27 of the IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws
  3. Applicant Skill/Requirements: 
    1. Delegates from Full Members of the Federation that has voting rights at the previous General Assembly or
    2. Delegates from Associate Members of the Federation which has fulfilled all requirements in paragraph 3.23 of the IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws at the previous General Assembly.
    3. It cannot be from any NMOs represented within the Executive Board. 
    4. Must have attended at least one GA
    5. Possesses experience in the procedures of the plenary sessions
  4. Third Call for 1 CCC members 

Note: Before applying, please refer to this spreadsheet to check your eligibility to apply as a CCC member. b) Financial Committee:

  1. Definition: consists of 3-5 people who will review the finances of the Federation as per the explanation is given above in point 1b of this email.
  2. Third Call for 2 Members
  3. Relevant Bylaw Paragraph: paragraphs 10.21 to 10.26 of the IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws
  4. Applicant Skill/Requirements:
    1. Do not come from NMOs represented within the Executive Board. 
    2. From a full or associate NMO
    3. Cannot be from NMOs who had hosted a general assembly for which the financial report has yet to be checked by the financial committee
    4. Attended at least one previous GA
  5. Note: 
    1. Before applying, please refer to this spreadsheet to check your eligibility to apply as an FC member.
    2. Financial committees will have 5 late out of quota spots as per bylaws. 
  1. How to Apply: 
    1. Check the Eligibility List: because there are specific requirements to each position, please check whether or not your NMO is eligible to apply by opening this spreadsheet
    2. Refer to the relevant bylaw paragraphs: find in each position’s part above, the relevant bylaw paragraphs you will have to consult. 
    3. Candidature Form: please download from here, correctly and completely fill, and ensure you and your NMO President sign and stamp the form in the designated spots before correctly uploading it on time (see deadline below)
    4. Application Form: please fill the online application form (here) before the deadline below. 
    5. Send your application on time: any and all late application will not be considered and will be deemed invalid. Ensure you upload the correct and final candidature form in the application form.
  1. Deadline: All aspects of the applications should be completed maximum by the 11th of January 2020, 23:59 GMT 
  1. Important information:
    1. If you are interested in a position on the plenary team or finance committee, you have to confirm you will be present at the venue of the General Assembly on the early morning of the arrival day.
    2. If you are interested in joining the plenary team or the finance committee, you have to be committed to attending the full length of the General Assembly.
    3. When applying for the Constitutional Credential Committee or the Financial Committee, review whether your NMO is eligible to do so.
  1. Selected Plenary Team and Financial Committee Team from the 1st Call and 2nd Call
    1. Chairperson:
      1. Dominic Schmid, Switzerland (swimsa-Switzerland)
    2. Vice-Chairperson:
      1. Jessica Shiyang Zhang, Sweden (IFMSA-Sweden)
    3. Plenary Secretary:
      1. Ali Mohammed Hatem Al-Sabti, Iraq (IFMSA-Iraq)
    4. CCC:
      1. Lisa Kelm, Austria (AMSA-Austria)
      2. Emma Jaede, Sweden (IFMSA-Sweden)
      3. Eltahir Abdelrahman Eltahir Abdelrahim, Sudan (MedSIN-Sudan)
      4. Rosanne Maria Güzelleke Kistemaker (IFMSA-Netherlands)
    5. Returning Officers
      1. Elisabeth Victoire Constance Krijgsman (IFMSA-Netherlands)
      2. Džiugas Grėbliūnas (LiMSA Lithuania)
  1. Secretary Assistants
    1. Joel Beni-Victoire ANANI (AEMP-Togo)
  2. Financial Committee
    1. Eva-Maria Weber, Germany (bvmd-Germany)
    2. Khadiga Hesham Saad Zaglol Elshmarka, Egypt (IFMSA-Egypt)
    3. Mohanad Mustafa Mohamed Elamien, Sudan (MedSIN-Sudan)

For Plenary Team each valid application was graded by three EB members based on IFMSA General Experience, Relevant Experience, Motivation and Plan for Action for the positions of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Plenary Secretary. Applications were graded by three EB members each based on the IFMSA General Experience, Relevant Experience and Motivation for the CCC members. 

Financial Committee Members were scored by three SupCO members each.

We have also decided to take into account that some of the applicants applying for the position might consider applying for another one, so we wanted to ensure that all the applicants are of high quality. Some of the applicants also stated they would consider another position, so in case they were not chosen for their first choice, the second choice has been offered to them.

Thank you for your kind attention. For any questions, please feel free to contact us at eb@ifmsa.org or vpa@ifmsa.org (for the plenary team) or at supco@ifmsa.org (for the financial committee).

Warm regards,

IFMSA Executive Board

Gabriela, Hayder, Nebojša, Paulina, Saad, Saniya and Tarek

eb@ifmsa.org | International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations