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[MM20] Crida per a input sobre les sessions de la March Meeting 2020

T’agradaria dir la teva sobre les sessions que es faran a la March Meeting 2020? Troba tota la informació a sota:



  1. Background: Joint form for input to the March Meeting 2020 Session Agendas
  2. Relevant Links: You can find the form (here)
  3. Contact People:
    1. SCOPE Session: scoped@ifmsa.org
    2. SCORE Session: scored@ifmsa.org
    3. SCOME Session: scomed@ifmsa.org
    4. SCORP Session: scorpd@ifmsa.org   
    5. SCOPH Session: scophd@ifmsa.org
    6. SCORA Session: scorad@ifmsa.org
    7. President’s Session: vpm@ifmsa.org
    8. AP Session: rdasiapacific@ifmsa.org
    9. EMR Session: rdemr@ifmsa.org
    10. European Session: rdeurope@ifmsa.org
    11. Americas Session: rdamericas@ifmsa.org
    12. Africa Session: rdafrica@ifmsa.org
  4. Deadline:  9th January 2020, 23.59 GMT


Dear NMOs,

We are emailing you today to open the call for the March Meeting 2020 sessions agenda. As you all know, March Meeting is coming very soon and before we create the final agenda for the meeting, it’s very important for us to hear what NMOs and IFMSA members would like to include in it, which topics shall we discuss in the different sessions, and how can we shape the GA agenda to suit more our needs. The coordinators for each session will review your input and use it as a basis in drafting the agenda for each session. In addition, the Executive Board will review the general input and implement it in shaping the overall agenda for the meeting. 

  • How to fill the input form: 
  1. Common Part: The first part of the form which everyone will have to form. In this part of the form, you will have to fill your basic data and choose which session you would like to give inputs for. This will then direct you to the page relevant to your choice committee/session. 
  2. Questions Part: This part is the second section to which you will be directed automatically after filling the common part. Please fill the part you’re directed to as completely as possible. It contains questions that will help us analyze the input we will receive.  After you are done, you will be redirected to the first page, where you can choose to either give inputs for another session, or submit the form by choosing “I have already given my input”
  3. Link to form: You can find the form here
  4. Questions: Any questions for specific parts of the form can be directed to the relevant people
  5. Deadline: 9th January 2020, 23.59 GMT

We hope the process is clear. Please note that it’s really important for us to receive your input, in order to build the agenda based on your thoughts and needs. We look forward to receiving a large amount of input from all of you and your members. Please disseminate the form with the members of your delegation. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the form.

Warmest Regards,

IFMSA Team of Officials 2019/20