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Navigating the Political World: how to be Political in a non-partisan Organization

Toolkit: Navigating the Political World

(How to be Political in a non-partisan Organization)


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    1. Sharing the Toolkit “Navigating the Political World
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    1. Pdf version
    2. ISSUU Pubblication

Dear IFMSA friends,

It’s with the utmost pleasure that today we are writing this email to share with you the new Toolkit “Navigating the Political World: how to be Political in a non-partisan Organization”.

The idea for this new Toolkit came after the Presidents’ Sessions Open Space Discussion on the same topic we facilitated during AM19 in Taipei, Taiwan. After that session many NMO Presidents approached us for further informations and support, so we decided to write everything down in these pages.

In it, you can find useful tips and recommendations on how to work with national and international institutions while maintaining an impartial and non-partisan linked stance in regards to political parties and other elective bodies.

We would like also to thank everyone that helped us in the development of this project and supported us throughout the process!

You can find the toolkit attached to this email, in the .pdf version and in the ISSUU publication.

We hope this will be useful for your work and we’d be happy to hear your feedback on it!