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New Educator Scholars Training (NEST) Program 2020/21


  1. Background: we are very happy to open the call for participants at the New Educator Scholars Training (NEST) Program 2020/2021, organized by our partner ScholarRx!
  2. Information summary: 
    1. The course will consist of 10 online activities, spanning the course of 10 months. It will focus on the basics of Medical Education. 
    2. The course has no registration fee and any IFMSA member is eligible to apply!
    3. Topics that will be covered include: history of medical education to the modern curriculum, curriculum assessment and evaluation strategies, active learning sciences and more!
    4. The course is expected to begin next month and conclude in July 2021.
  3. What You Need to do: (bold font means it is contained in this email)
    1. Go through the details of the course carefully – all information is included in this email.
    2. Check your availability throughout next year.
    3. Apply through the application form!
  4. Relevant Links:
    1. Background on ScholarRx: here
    2. Application Form: here

Dear SCOMEdians,

Today we are emailing you with another very exciting opportunity for an online course, this time on Medical Education, organize by one of our SCOME partners, ScholarRx!

Read below to find out the details and how you can participate. 

ScholarRx New Educator Scholars Training (NEST) Program

This unique global education program provides professional development for medical students who aspire to become medical educators. Medical students from around the world will be discussing core topics in medical education led by expert faculty.

How will the course take place?

There will be 10 web-based activities offered each year, where each month will represent one module. At the beginning of each month, participants will have an article to read and specific questions to answer. An hour-long discussion with an expert in the field will be included. The expected workload is 3-4 hours per month.

The course has no registration fee.

What are the dates?

The course starts in September, but learners can join anytime. There will be short break during the winter and summer.

What will the course cover?

Topics vary from year to year, but often include:

  • History of Medical Education to the Modern Curriculum
  • The Role of Basic Science in Medicine
  • Medical Education as a Career
  • The Science of Learning
  • Active Learning Strategies
  • Interprofessional Education
  • Curriculum Assessment and Evaluation Strategies
  • Cultivating Resilience, Vitality, and Presence in Medical Education 

Will the course be certified?

Students who complete 8 activities within two years will receive a certificate of completion.

How do I apply?

Positions are limited. Please apply through this Google Form, by September 5th

What are the selection criteria?

  • Availability to complete the course
  • Motivation 
  • Follow up plan
  • Experience in medical education
  • As always, gender & regional representation will be taken into consideration

Please note that we will try to balance experienced and inexperienced members so do not hesitate to apply !