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Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) for the Doctors

Dear IFMSA family,

Being in this organization, for all the medical students in Bangladesh, we teach our team and members how to work in harmony. Since the beginning of medical school, our team of ”would be” doctors get a proper insight on ethics, moral support and team play at the time of working. As a medical student run organization, we are trying best to produce some leadership in our doctors who will lead the health sector of our country to a new height.

A recent despondent situation regarding the safety of a doctor on duty has shaken the confidence of the healthcare professionals as well as the medical students in our country. The occupational safety and the confidence in them need to be addressed.To address the current situation, ensure proper workplace safety, and regain the confidence in our doctors and medical students, BMSS brings a Webinar Panel Discussion on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) for the Doctors .

Date and time of the Event :

29th June,2020 (Monday) at 2 PM (GMT)

Event Outline:

Round One: Speaker definite topics. 

Speaker 1:  Prof Dr Sharmeen Yasmeen Chairperson, Public Health Foundation, Bangladesh & Head of the Dept. of Community Medicine,Bangladesh Medical College.

Highlight Topic/Question: Regarding the situation of occupational safety of health care professionals, especially doctors in Bangladesh. 

Speaker 2: Dr Abu Jamil Faisal COVID-19 Public Health Expert Advisor of The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,Bangladesh & Adjunct Faculty at State University; Bangladesh University of Health Sciences: and Dhaka University.

Highlight Topic/Question: Regarding existing & future stratagem regarding Occupational Safety and Health of health care professionals.

Speaker 3: Prof Dr Helal Uddin Ahmed Child Adolescent & Family Psychiatry NIMH, Bangladesh & Secretary-General, BACAMH, Bangladesh.

Highlight Topic/Question: Psychosocial aspect surrounding the concern

Round  Two: Q/A from Audience. 

Round Three: Address to the target audience by three speakers regarding how they can regain confidence and scope of improvement. 

Event Link: Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) for the Doctors  Event Group :  Bangladesh Medical Students’ Society

I cordially invite our IFMSA family to join us for the webinar.

Love from Bangladesh !