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Online course: Global Health Instruments

Live Virtual Classroom
Global Health Instruments
30 November – 2 December 2020
Applications Open Until 20 October 2020
International health instruments play an important role as tools for shaping collective responses to global health challenges. They have been under constant development and renewal for decades to address the increasing complexity of determinants and drivers of health. This 3-day online course will introduce and analyse the overall structure, types  and characteristics of the international health instruments and mechanisms used in global  health governance.
Enhance your skills: Increase understanding of international health instruments as part of the overall global health domainReflect on future potential instruments to address unfolding global health challenges
Experience and learn negotiation skills through a simulation exercise


Find out more about this course’s content, fee and application process on our website or contact globalhealthdiplomacy@graduateinstitute.ch for further inquiries.