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OpenWHO is pleased to share 3 brand new courses that were recently launched to support the response to COVID-19:
Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) Treatment Facility Design: This training package has been developed to meet the operational needs emerging with the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides a thorough understanding of the principles driving the design process of COVID-19 screening areas for health care facilities, community facilities and SARI treatment centres, including how to repurpose an existing building into a SARI treatment centre. (Also available in Arabic and Portuguese)
Introduction to Go.Data – Field data collection, chains of transmission and contact follow-up: Go.Data is a field data collection platform focusing on case data (including lab, hospitalization and other variables though case investigation form) and contact data (including contact follow-up). This briefing package provides an orientation to the purpose, benefits and utilization of Go.Data, consisting of 7 modules with a narrated walkthrough of the key features of the Go.Data web-based platform and mobile application.
COVID-19: How to put on and remove personal protective equipment (PPE): This is a guide for health care workers involved in patient care activities in a health care setting. It aims to show the type of personal protective equipment or PPE needed to correctly protect oneself.

More languages available

In addition to the new courses, OpenWHO is continuing to work with WHO regional and country offices, educational entities and volunteers to produce COVID-19 resources in as many languages as possible to help localize the response.

The platform now has a total of 52 resources for COVID-19 spread across 18 languages, with many more in the pipeline. The most recent translations include:

New certificates available

Many of the COVID-19 courses are now offering a Confirmation of Participation for participants who complete the specified amount of course material: ePROTECT Respiratory InfectionsIPC for COVID-19Clinical Care SARISARI Treatment Facility Design and Introduction to Go.Data.

In addition, the introductory COVID-19 course and the country preparedness and response course now offer a Record of Achievement for participants who score 80% or higher on course assessments.

Complete list of COVID-19 learning resources

In summary, OpenWHO currently offers courses covering the following topics and languages to support the response to COVID-19: