Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Petit Grup de Treball de Finances d’IFMSA


  1. Background: Following the work done by the Task Force on Debts, the IFMSA still needs to determine the individual debts of Officials from the term 2015 – 2016. A small working group will be in charge of determining these debts. 
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  • Fill this application form (here)
  • Small Working Group outline (here
  1. Important Information
  • Deadline: October 11th 2020

Dear NMOs

I hope this email finds you doing amazingly well. I am very glad to be opening this call for the Small Working Group on Officials’ debts from the term 2015 – 2016. The Task Force on Officials’ debts did a supreme job in reconstructing the financial report of 2015 – 2016, however, they could not finish determining individual debts.

The creation of this small working group aims to finalize the work carried out by the Task Force. They outlined several issues in financial management and decision-making that led to these unsettled debts and provided general recommendations for the Federation to keep its sustainability and ensure wise use of resources. The main goal of this small working group is to establish the individual debts from officials of this term. Achieving this will be pivotal for institutional memory and sustainability of the IFMSA. The work and report is to be elaborated by February 1st 2021. 

  • Goals of the SWG
  1. Determine the debts of Officials from the term 2015 – 2016
  2. Produce an accurate bookkeeping system of the term 2015 – 2016 with the help of the Vice-President of Finance
  3. Elaborate further recommendations for financial management of the Federation
  4. Identify cases of embezzlement and misuse of money should there be any
  • Selection Criteria
  1. Past members of the Task Force, past or current Financial IT members and past or current Officials are strongly encouraged to apply, however, general members are very welcomed to apply!
  2. Relevant experience in financial management, bookkeeping and IFMSA processes
  3. Motivation to work in the SWG
  4. Gender and regional representation will be taken into account.

The SWG will be composed of 3 to 4 members. Please note that the work would take place from October to February. Please be sure of your availability before considering applying. 

Should you want to be part of the SWG, please fill this form by October 11th 2020.