Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Petit Grup de Treball d’IFMSA: Research Awareness Campaign

Dear SCOREans around the world,
We are extremely happy to open the call for a new SMALL WORKING GROUPcalled: RESEARCH AWARENESS CAMPAIGN.
The idea of a Small Working Group is for members to form a team of motivated people working on a specific topic. This creates a safe space to brainstorm and discuss a shared issue and come up with specific solutions or outcomes. Each SWG has clear goals and a timeline to guide the work of the SWG.

The goal of the SWG on Research Awareness Campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of research in the medical curriculum and the opportunitiesfor medical students through a social media campaign.
SWGs are a wonderful opportunity for ALL members to engage in international work and to contribute to the development of SCORE. Anyone with interest in SCORE is welcome to join a SWG! 
Please find an elaborate description, objectives, and timeline of the SWG through <<THIS LINK>>.
You can apply for the SWG through <<THIS LINK>>THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS APRIL 8TH 23:59! Late applications will not be considered.