Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Petit Grup de Treball: Health, Environment and Climate Change


1. Background: Call for the Environment, Climate Change & Health Activities 101 (Manual/Toolkit for SCOPH Members)

2. What recipients need to do:

Read the proposal: HERE

Fill in the application form: HERE

3. Deadline: May 7th, 25:59 GMT.

Dear SCOPHeroes from Europe and the Americas:

We are super happy to release our Call for the SWG on Environment, Climate Change and Health (ECCH) Activities 101! A super new collaboration between our regions, to empower you on our shared regional priority

Climate change is the biggest threat to the health of the 21st century, and as active SCOPH members, we should be ready to act and make a change! Through the ECCH Activities 101 members will have the right tools to begin action!

– What is it? A small working group which aims to create a document (as a toolkit) for SCOPH members around the globe to be able to develop meaningful and impactful activities on Environment, Climate Change & Health (ECCH), a topic sometimes hard to approach. If you want to learn more about it, feel free to read our proposal here.

– Who can participate? Any member from SCOPH Americas or Europe is welcome to be part of the SWG, you just need motivation!

– How do I apply? Just fill this form before 7th of May, 25:59 GMT.

– For Questions: Feel free to contact us, by email to ra.scoph.europe@ifmsa.org (Iulia & Taur) and/or ra.scoph.americas@ifmsa.org (Catalina).

Let’s take action together! Now is your time to change the world!

Orange hugs,

Catalina, Iulia & Taur