Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Plataformes online d’educació mèdica

Dearest SCOMEdians,
I hope you’re having an amazing day!
With the stress of quarantine building up and the exams approaching in most of the countries worldwide, I’m sharing with you this email to give you a recap and an overview of the Educational Platforms that IFMSA has partnered with:

1- VisualDx: provides a decision support system for differential diagnosis, testing, and therapeutic decisions that is accessible on the web and any mobile device.VisualDx is an award-winning software designed to provide problem-oriented decision support to drive quality care and patient safety.
Link to the Platform.


2- AMBOSS:if you are an AMBOSS user you can stay on track with the semester with AMBOSS Online Courses that include verified completion certificates!
They also have COVID-19 Materials for Students, Global Education Fund Scholarships, and plans For educators and institutions.When applying please mention you are an IFMSA member (here). 
Link to the platform.


3- Lecturio:Lecturio is an Online Education portal aiming to provide students with the best learning tools, proven effective by learning science. Believing that the global shortage of healthcare professionals requires a paradigm shift in how medicine is taught, and due to the current pandemic, Lecturio is providing :

  • All IFMSA members with 14 days of free access to Lecturio Premium, including full access to all video lectures, quiz questions, and clinical cases…
  • Students and Educators worldwide, resources to help them develop their knowledge and master the COVID-19 Topic.

Link to the platform.


4- CyberPatient:This online platform will provide a clinical environment for students to study the continuum of care in a virtual space and apply their theoretical knowledge to medical practice.
CyberPatient recognizes the disruption and impact for medical schools, students, and professionals during the current COVID-19 crisis, and in support of medical education worldwide, CP will be providing full and free access to their virtual interactive education platform, for the duration of the pandemic.
Link to the platform.


5- InSimu:The InSimu virtual patient simulator app aims to provide a safe virtual environment for medical students and physicians, where they can assess and improve their clinical diagnostic skills. Students can practice on their own, but the company also provides services for medical schools, which help them enhance clinical practice opportunities and assessment of students’ diagnostic skills even in a remote education setting. They will provide their virtual patient simulation software for free to medical schools to help online education during coronavirus closures.Link to the platform.Link to the COViD19 release for medical schools.


6- Body Interact:Body Interact is offering you a chance to experience a clinical scenario about COVID-19 with virtual patients, applying the most up to date management guidelines.Connect now and challenge your clinical knowledgeLink to the platform.


Take your time to explore those magnificent platforms and check out their offers for IFMSA members as well as their COViD19 response and releases.I encourage you to share those platforms with your friends, colleagues, and NMO members.Feel free to ask any questions or send any concerns to ga.scome@ifmsa.org