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Podcast: human rights, democracy and the rule of the law

Dear IFMSA family,
The world is facing an unprecedented crisis. At its core is a global public health emergency on a scale not seen for a century, requiring a global response with far-reaching consequences for our economic, social and political lives.. We have an obligation to ensure everyone is protected and included in the response to this crisis. Modern healthcare has given rise to extremely complex and multifaceted ethical dilemmas. The priority is to save lives. Outbreaks of disease often have gendered impacts. Since the coronavirus outbreak, news reports from a number of countries have documented bias, racism, xenophobia, and discrimination against people of Asian descent.
Why are human rights key in shaping the pandemic response and recovery? Whom is COVID-19 harming, how and why? Why are global solidarity, equality and nondiscrimination important to the COVID-19 response? Why think about the long term in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis?
IFMSA-Pakistan AIMC LC in collaboration with Medical Students Association of India present to you – SCORPodcast, a series of live audio episodes discussing the various aspects of human rights concerns posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Human rights enthusiasts from all over IFMSA-Pakistan, MSAI-India and IFMSA International are on board as speakers for all episodes of the podcast.
Episode 2: Discrimination, Hate Crimes & Gender Based Violence
Date: 15th June, 2020 (Monday)
Time: 3:00 PM GMT / 8:30 PM IST / 8:00 PM PKT

To join us on this journey & be a part of this activity, fill in the pre-evaluation form:link to formE-certificates will be sent to listeners who tune in for the live episodes and fill the evaluation forms.

Tune in for episode 2 of the live podcast here:link to live streamLink to episode 1: link to episodeDon’t forget to tune in for this unique, first of a kind experience scheduled to take place throughout the month of June with exciting topics for each episode!

Activity Coordinator:Arsalan Nadeem
Warm regards,

SCORPodcast Team
IFMSA-Pakistan & MSAI-India