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Register to EuRegMe 2020 Joint Sessions

Register to EuRegMe 2020 Joint Sessions


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Dear NMO Presidents,

Dear European and Medical Education Advocates,

Dear Friends,

Joint sessions are a unique opportunity to tackle common topics between different Standing Committees, having the chance to discuss new perspectives and solutions different working areas face. How do the Standing Committees connect? What topics can they tackle together?  How can we join forces to solve a common problem? Closer to the event you will be able to attend a joint session by filling a form that will be sent by the European Regional Team. Are you going to miss this opportunity?

For EuRegMe 2020 Joint Sessions, the Regional Assistants have prepared the following sessions:

  • Mental Health in the Medical Curriculum (SCOME + SCOPH)
  • Health Workforce and Women in Global Health (SCOME + SCORA)
  • Preventing Child Abuse – A Doctors responsibility? (SCORP + SCORA)
  • Gender Equality in Health Systems Management (SCOPH + SCORA)
  • The Future is Now-Children Rights and Climate Change (SCOPH + SCORP)
  • Ethical Volunteering (SCOPE + SCORE + SCORP)

The Joints Sessions are OPEN to everyone, you don’t need to be registered in EuRegMe to be able to apply!Please register in the following link (Deadline: September 21th): 


With the warmest regards, On behalf of the European Regional Team,