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Remote WMA internship


Opening the call for a remote WMA internship for the period of two or three months between February to May 2021. 

  1. Background: The WMA has an agreement with the IFMSA in internships are proposed. Due to the COVID pandemic, the internships will be done remotely until further notice.
  2. Important information: To apply please fill the application and the candidature form, and submit them to this Google form until January 12th 23:59 pm GMT, 2021
  3. Important links
    1. Application (here)
    2. Candidature form signed and stamped by the NMO President (here)
    3. Internship Catalogue (here)

Dear IFMSA members,

We hope this email finds you in great health. We are sending this email to open the call for a remote internship within the WMA (World Medical Association).

The World Medical Association (WMA) is the global federation of National Medical Associations representing millions of physicians worldwide. Acting on behalf of patients and physicians, the WMA endeavours to achieve the highest possible standards of medical care, ethics, education and health-related human rights for all people. Please check out the website for more information http://www.wma.net


Each intern will have the opportunity to work directly with the WMA Secretariat remotely (online). The working hours are 7 hours a day (9h00 to 17h30 in CET with 1,5h lunch break from noon to 12h30) and these hours can be adjusted to the timezone of the intern.  

These are the possible areas of involvement:

  • Assist Influenza campaign
  • Representing WMA at various online webinars and meetings
  • Assist policy documents (reformatting to clean version, research work on 10 year policy review for April meeting in 2021, etc.)
  • Updating website (media mentions, etc.) and ideas on improvement of WMA website
  • Assist (virtual) April Council Session organisation
  • Wikipedia updating (group work possible)
  • Assist WMA social media activities

Other activities may be presented by the WMA which related to their specific needs and areas of work.

We expect all interns to be professional, which includes being available and present during the whole WMA remote internship. 

Timeline and Financial Support

We are opening the call for 1 internship for the period of two/three months between February and May 2021. The internship should be at least two months.

Interns will receive financial support of 1000 Euros per month. This amount will be paid after completion of the internship and when a report is submitted.

How to apply:

The applicant must fill out the application form (here) and candidature form signed and stamped by NMO president (here) and submit it here.

In the application form, you will be able to fill in your motivation letter and CV. In the motivation letter, please explain your expectations from the internship and things you would like to achieve as a WMA intern. The motivation letter is 1 page and the CV is maximum 2 pages. 

Based on the applications received the IFMSA will make recommendations to the WMA, which will make the final ruling whether the applicant is accepted or not. Please keep in mind to read the disclaimer due to GDPR regulations – the data you provide in the application will be shared with WMA to enable them to select the interns based on their needs and requirements.

Please kindly note:

  • The CV has to be provided in the same file as form and not attached separately, otherwise your candidature will be invalid.
  • Ensure you do not overgo the number of pages or sentences indicated in application form, otherwise your application will be deemed invalid.
  • The months have to be within the indicated period (February-May). If you indicate earlier/later months, your application will be deemed invalid.

Deadline:12th of January 2021 at 23:59 GMT. Late applications will not be considered.