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SCORA Open Space: Celebrating Pride


1. Background:  SCORA Online Open Space: perspectives on LGBTQI+ Medical Students, 30th of June12:00pm GMT

2. What to do: Register here

3. Support & Assistance: scorad@ifmsa.org

We are celebrating Pride Month this year and the celebration is incomplete without engaging our members. You are invited to the second SCORA Online Open Space that will touch upon diverse perspectives on LGBTQI+ Medical Students: on Tuesday the 30th, you have a date! 

Pride Month is celebrated every June as a way of recognising the influence LGBT people have had around the world. We are getting ready to dust off our rainbow flags, douse ourselves in glitter, and go join in the fun. 

We’ll cover all 5 IFMSA Regions perspectives and situations in addition to diving into different topics shortlisted as follows:

  • Pride, definition and concept. 
  • The bigger picture, how is it in your country? 
  • What does youth know about LGBTQI rights? What are the consequences of lack of understanding?
  • What is the medical curriculum lacking? + promoting survey
  • To promote the exchange of interregional perspectives and exchange of good practices
  • Interpersonal growth of individual of such communities and problems faced by them in medical schools
  • Barriers in Advocacy and how we can overcome them
  • How to be a better ally?

And any other topic that YOU suggest and that you are willing to cover or you are willing to know more about through various “open floor” times in which you will be able to engage. 

It will be an interactive space; come join us with your own questions to help us shape these discussions!


Tuesday 30th of June, 12:00pm GMT


Zoom, register here . Feel free to share within your NMOs and friends.

What is an SCORA Online Open Space?

Aims and goals of the SCORA Online Open Space

  • To provide a safe discussion space among SCORA members.
  • To promote the exchange of interregional perspectives and exchange of good practices.
  • To provide a space in which members can get empowered and take the lead.
  • To have an interactive online space that encourages participants to share their thoughts and not merely observe the discussion.


We have an amazing panel composed of extremely passionate speakers:

– Tithi, LORA MSAI-India 

– Camila, NORA Asst. IFMSA-Peru


– Marouane, SCOME Director 

– Christos, PC for Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 

– Lalu, SCORA Director 

– Abra, SCORA DA for Member Engagement

Join us for the second Open Space on this very special topic!

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.