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SCORE i IFMSA Programs


  1. Background: IFMSA Programs and research-related activities
  2. Information Summary:
    1. Introduction to IFMSA Programs
    2. Link between IFMSA Programs and SCORE Activities
    3. Sharing resources on how to enroll your activities in IFMSA Programs
  3. Relevant Links:
    1. IFMSA Website – Programs section: here
    2. Manual on Activity and Project Management: here 
    3. Infographics on IFMSA Programs and Enrollment: here
    4. Activity Enrollment Form 19/20: here

Dear SCOREans,

We hope this email finds you in good health and spirit.
With this email, we like to remind you about an IFMSA part often overlooked by SCORE – IFMSA Programs. Back in February, we shared with you some infographics meant to explain to you how IFMSA Programs work and what type of research activities you can organize.
IFMSA Programs are a stream of NMOs’ activities coordinated centrally and addressing a predefined theme. SCORE activities will mostly fall under ‘Research basics for medical practitioners’, which is one of the focus areas of the Teaching Medical Skills program. Once you have figured out your activities, you can take an extra step and make SCORE even greater – enroll them! (N.B.: You can do this at any moment you want to – before, during or after they take place). Check out the ‘From Idea to Impact Manual‘ to find out how to properly fill in the Activity Enrollment Form.
If you would like to find out more about the IFMSA Programs and how to enroll your activities or you simply wish to contact any of your colleagues who are already conducting some cool activities, don’t hesitate to contact us at medicalskills@ifmsa.org or scored@ifmsa.org.
Matilda and Matthieu,
on behalf of SCORE IT