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SCORE Research Awareness Campaign

Dearest SCOREans all around the world,

It is with great pleasure that we write this email requesting your support for the upcoming SCORE Research Awareness Campaign at the end of August. 

As you may know, SCORE runs a Research Awareness Campaign every year and this year is not an exception! In order for us to encourage medical students worldwide to get as close as possible to research, we are asking you for a testimonial about your own or your friends’ research experiences. Our goal is to create the first-ever SCORE Research Podcast!

We request that you make a video or audio recording of yourself answering the questions step by step (as if it was an interview) below:

  1. Could you please introduce yourself? (name, position, and NMO)
  2. What experiences have you made with research? Could you give us a short(!) description of the project? (also what stage are you with the research: beginning/middle/end of research)
  3. Are there any difficulties you have experienced (record 3 things)?
  4. Have you been on a research exchange before? Where? When? What was the project? What was your experience? If yes, why would you recommend going on SCORE exchange (if applicable)?

The recording should be no longer than 2,5 min.

If you are interested, you will get the chance to be featured on official IFMSA Social Media channels and get in the spotlight! Please fill in the Form HERE to upload the video or audio recording for the Podcast.

The deadline to fill in the form: 22nd of August 2020, 23:59 GMT.

We are thrilled to get to know all your experiences!

For any questions regarding this campaign, feel free to contact: 

Muhammad Gilang Dwi Putra – gilangdwiputra@gmail.com

Sophia Simbal – so.zimbal@gmail.com

Blue Hugs,

Research Awareness Campaign 2020

Small Working Group