Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

SCORP CAMP Romania 2022

Dear SCORPions and members of IFMSA, 

The time has come to officially open the call for participants and trainers for the SCORP CAMP Romania 2022!!


SCORP Camp is a summer training camp that deals with important SCORP issues, making it possible to train new human rights trainers from all over the world. It is an amazing opportunity to gather young people that are passionate about human rights in one place and have a discussion about it, tightening the bonds between these people from different corners of our Earth. Each of these people has a unique view on matters discussed and SCORP Camp is a place to share these views and opinions, moving a discussion about human rights to another level and also making it a pleasurable experience to the participants and trainers as well.

When and where? 

This event will happen from 22nd-27th of August in Romania, Cluj-Napoca 

Cluj-Napoca, or simply just Cluj, is the city where everyone is feeling young, joyful and full of life. Located in the heart of Transylvania, our city is one of the most important academic, cultural and business centers in Romania. Over the last years, Cluj has attracted more and more people to enjoy its uniqueness.

What will be taken into consideration in the selection process?

We will select the trainers based on: 

  • Motivation; 
  • SCORP related experience, but also experience related to facilitation; 
  • Follow up plans.

For participants we will take into consideration:

  • Motivation;
  • SCORP related experience;
  • Follow up plans.

For both participants and trainers, it will be taken into consideration gender and regional representation.

When is the deadline for applying? 

Do not forget that the deadline for the Early Fee applications will be 14/07/2022, at 23:59 GMT+3! You can apply by completing this form: https://forms.gle/ZEPKywsKHxsypxLU8.

You can find more information in the invitation package that you can find here: https://bit.ly/3QX2zBH

The Late Fee for the participants will be 210 euros. The trainers will have no fee perceived!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask either the SCORP Camp OC on fasmr-romania@ifmsa.org or Ana Paula (SCORP D – scorpd@ifmsa.org) or Tomoki (SCORP CBA – cb.scorp@ifmsa.org)

We are waiting for you

Green hugs, 

SCORP CAMP Romania 2022 Organising Commitee