Pàgina de l'Associació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut

Share your story of change


1. Background: Share Your Story of Change – This WED 2020!

2. Deadline: 27th of May 2020

3. Link to share: here!

Dear SCOPHeroes,

I am writing to you today from the UNEP Youth World Environment Day (WED) Youth Task Force to join us in our Story-telling Campaign for WED 2020 on nature, biodiversity and environmental action!

Selected stories will be featured on YOUTH WED portal & UNEP WED portal in the coming days! 

Do you have a story of action or change? It could be:

  • Story of personal life – how you took environmental action / nature conservation  
  • Story of a campaign / activity / project or work led by your organisation or group 
  • Anecdote about lessons learnt, successes, failures and how it made your stronger in your advocacy on climate action 

The submissions don’t have to be very detailed – anywhere between 300 words – 1000 words is fine, and you can upload a photo optionally! 

Please share your story using this form HERE (https://forms.gle/MgcYnsWoYA73PKAX9)  – the first round of deadline is 27th May so we can release first stories on different platforms!

Please write back in case of questions or feedback. We are super excited to learn about your incredible stories, inspiring all youth to take environmental action now!