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Social Accountability Awards


  1. Background: Call for submissions to the IFMSA first-ever Social Accountability Awards!
  2. Information summary:
    1. Submit one activity from your NMO and win up to 900USD
    2. Read carefully the call requirements
    3. Deadline: September 3rd, 23:59GMT
  3. Relevant Links:
    1. Submission form: link

Dear members worldwide,
IFMSA has been a global leader and an advocate for the Social Accountability of medical schools for the past 6 years. From developing a students’ toolkit for Social Accountability of medical schools to encourage local action to receive the Charles Boelen Prize during the World Summit for Social Accountability in Tunisia 2017, IFMSA has been successfully able to empower and engage members worldwide in implementing the IFMSA pledge for Social Accountability of medical schools. However, more widespread and decentralized advocacy actions foris needed to encourage more local action. Thus, the Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME) aims to support local related initiatives through awarding best practices from NMOs in terms of implementing activities related to Social Accountability of medical schools.
We are very happy then to announce the IFMSA Social Accountability Awards, as an opportunity for you not only to showcase your achievements but most importantly enter to win a monetary prize of up to 900 USD!

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Call requirement:

  • The activity has already been started by the NMO
  • Full description of the activity plan (background, objectives, methodology, evaluation criteria, initial outcomes)
  • Activity enrolled under a relevant IFMSA Program before the deadline of the award submissions
  • Only one activity per NMO can be submitted! Please make sure to coordinate with your NMOs representatives before submitting them!

Selection Criteria:

  • Background: problem identification and the relevance of the expected outcomes in addressing Social Accountability of medical schools.
  • Goals and objectives: relevance to addressing Social Accountability of medical schools
  • Methodology: innovation and diversity in the type of actions implemented and/or planned
  • Stakeholders: meaningful engagement with medical schools and respective communities
  • Evaluation: clear plans on the impact assessment
  • Financial resources: the financial plan for the activity

Deadline to submitting your entry through the following form is September 3rd, 23:59GMT.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via scomed@ifmsa.org
All the best,Marou.