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Survey on Medical Education


  1. Background: a global survey addressed to students from all healthcare professions about Interprofessional Education in their curricula
  2. Deadline: May 30th, 23:59GMT
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    1. Link to Survey: here

Dear members worldwide,
Interprofessional education (IPE) is defined as an intervention where the members of more than one health or social care profession, or both, learn interactively together, for the explicit purpose of improving interprofessional collaboration or the health/well being of patients/clients, or both. As collaboration in healthcare plays a major role in patient-centered care, as it is significantly linked to improved patients outcomes through collaborative healthcare.
Preparing the future health workforce for a collaborative practice doesn’t go without involving healthcare students advocating for implementing an interprofessional approach to their educational experience. As part of our Global Priority goals related to the Global Health Workforce, IFMSA, in collaboration with Healthcare students’ organizations such as IPSF (International Pharmacy Students Federation), WCCS (World Congress for Chiropractic Students), IADS (International Association for Dentistry Students), and GASNN (Global Association for Students and Novice Nurses) aim to assess healthcare curricula worldwide in terms of addressing interprofessional education within all curricular components. The following survey is a questionnaire destined for students from all health professions in order to collect data on good practices, challenges, and perspectives on Interprofessional Education worldwide.
Please share and fill the following survey before May 30th, 23:59GMT.
For any question or remarks, please do not hesitate to address them through scomed@ifmsa.org