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Task Forces d’IFMSA

ATENCIÓ: per a poder enviar el formulari necessites un document signat per l’AECS. Fes-nos arribar les respostes al formulari i el Candidature Form a secgen@aecs.org per tal de que se’t signi el document. 


  1. Background: The First Combined call for post-March Meeting 2020 TaskForces 
  2. Deadline: 20.03.2020. at 23:59 GMT
  3. Important links:
    1. Combined application form: Here
    2. Description of the taskforces: Here
    3. Candidature form: Here
  4. Code In case of any Questions kindly ensure that you email at eb@ifmsa.org 
  5. Available Positions: Are lisited in the summary section in this (here) document

Dear NMOs,

With this email, we are opening the First Combined call for the following post-March Meeting 2020 TaskForces.

  1. Taskforce on Health, Environment and Climate Change,
  2. Task Force on Code of Conduct Reform, 
  3. Task Force on the Involvement, Integration, and Impact of Non-Medical Students within the IFMSA structure, 
  4. Task Force on Officials Debts 2014/15 and 2015/16

The deadline for applications is the 20th March 2020, 23:59 GMT.

The following APPLICATION FORM must be filled before the deadline. You can find a detailed description of the taskforces HERE, and the Candidature form HERE

Ensure that you read the description section of the Application form clearly, also ensure that you submit the candidature form correctly.

Remember that the taskforce can function only when they reach the complete proposed composition. 

In case of any questions or corrections, do not reply to this email, instead feel free to email at eb@ifmsa.org.   

If any technical difficulty with the google form, kindly let us know at eb@ifmsa.org at the earliest.

Thank you and warm regards,