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Training Disaster Medicine Trainers



  1. Background: The call for participants for the Training Disaster Medicine Trainers in Novara, Italy is open.
  2. Information Summary:
    1. The IFMSA-CRIMEDIM TdmT is an annual program to train medical students to become certified disaster medicine trainers.
    2. The course consists of an online phase from April – June and a residential course from 6th to 12th July.
  3. What Recipients Need to do:
    1. Apply through the application form if you are interested in the training
    2. The application deadline is 31st January, 23.55 GMT+1/CET.
    3. The participation fee is 450€, covering the expenses during the residential course (accommodation, food and local transportation).
  4. Relevant Links:
    1. Application form: https://forms.gle/phcAPLD68HYPouEZA
    2. TdmT website: http://dismedtrainers.com/


Dear IFMSA members and disaster medicine enthusiasts,

The Training Disaster Medicine Trainers organizing committee wishes to all of you a happy new year and is excited to announce that the call for participants for the 6th Training Disaster Medicine Trainers (TdmT) is now open! The following contains the information regarding this capacity building opportunity, so please make sure to read carefully till the end!

  1. Background information about TdmT
    Do you dream about working in disaster settings? Are you interested in playing an active role in emergencies and disasters? Do you want to learn to know how to deliver healthcare when the needs exceed the resources?
    1. In close cooperation with CRIMEDIM, the Research Center in Emergency and Disaster Medicine at the University of Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy, IFMSA will once again offer the annual Training Disaster Medicine Trainers in 2020.
    2. The course consists of a three months online phase and a one-week residential course in Novara, Italy. During the residential course, there will be classes with both conventional and innovative teaching strategies including computer-based and live simulations. Students will learn from experts of the emergency and disaster medicine sector.
    3. At the end of the program, you will have gained extensive knowledge about disaster medicine and become a certified IFMSA-CRIMEDIM Disaster Medicine Trainer. This will give you the skills and knowledge to deliver disaster medicine courses to other medical students within your communities and globally. TdmT graduates are part of a global network of medical students with the skills and knowledge of delivering a well-planned training course on disaster medicine. Our aim is to empower medical students with knowledge and skills in the field of disaster medicine, to inspire them to learn more and to give them the opportunity to share what they have learnt to their peers.
  1. What to do if you are interested?

Step 1: Apply through the application form: https://forms.gle/phcAPLD68HYPouEZA
Step 2: If you are selected as a participant, you will hear back from us on 10th February and will have to confirm your participation before 17th February 23.55 GMT+1/CET.
Step 3: Please note that selected students are expected to fulfil both the online and the residential course in Novara, Italy.

  1. Important notes about TdmT 2020
    1. Participation fee: The participation fee of 450€ covers expenses during the residential course such as accommodation, food and local transportation. Travels to and from Novara are not included. We may receive a grant and the fee will then be reduced.
    2. Selection process: The participants will be selected by CRIMEDIM and IFMSA on the basis of their application. The selection will aim for the best possible balance in gender and regional representation.
    3. Visa requirements: Please consider the relevant visa requirements for you to travel to Italy well in advance. The OC can provide invitation letters to the selected participants.
    4. Timeline for the process
      1. Application deadline: 31/01/2020 23.55 GMT+1/CET
      2. Confirmation of participation: 17th February 23.55 GMT+1/CET
      3. Online course: April – July
      4. Residential course: 06/07 – 12/07/2020, with 05/07 being the arrival day and departure in the afternoon of 12/07
  1. Other Links to provide you with more information
    Do you want to learn more about the TdmT and be inspired to start a journey which will take you into an exciting world with like-minded people?
    1. TdmT website: here.
    2. IFMSA blog post: here. For more inspiration you can read the IFMSA blog post on TdmT.
    3. Video: here. Watch this brief video from the 2nd TdmT.
    4. CRIMEDIM website: here. For more information on our partner CRIMEDIM, visit their website.

We wish all the applicants best of luck with their application and look forward to maybe meeting you in Novara. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact dismedtrainers@gmail.com.

Warmest Regards on behalf of the TdmT organizing committee!

On behalf of Marius Mehling, IFMSA TdmT Focal Point,