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Webinar: challenges faced and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic


Background: MSAKE Kenya in collaboration with bvmd Germany brings you a webinar on “An Inter-Regional Exchange On The Challenges Faced And Lessons Learned During The COVID-19 Pandemic.” Through this webinar, we aim to highlight the background of the pandemic in the context of African and European regions, interventions put in place to stop community transmission, challenges faced by the healthcare systems, solutions implemented, lessons learned and the opportunities available as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 
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We trust that this finds you well. MSAKE Kenya in collaboration with bvmd Germany is pleased to bring you a webinar on “An Inter-Regional Exchange On The Challenges Faced And Lessons Learned During The COVID-19 Pandemic”

When will this take place?
The webinar will be held on Wednesday 12th August 2020 at 3PM GMT (5PM CEST/6PM EAT)

The scope of the webinar
This webinar is focused on providing a background of the pandemic in the context of Africanand European regions, while highlighting interventions put in place to stop community transmission of the virus. In addition, we will also be discussing the various challenges that the healthcare system has faced and is currently facing during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as exploring some of the solutions which have been implemented in an effort to overcome these challenges. Join us to gain insights on some of the lessons learned and the opportunities available as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Together, we look forward to answering the question: How will the pandemic transform the future of healthcare delivery systems?

Meet the speakers!
1️⃣ Dr. Gudrun Rieger-Ndakorerwa: she is the head of the Municipal Health Office Eimsbuettel in the Free and Hanseatic City Hamburg, Northern Germany.
After a clinical traineeship in Kenya and her graduation from medical school at the Free University Berlin, she specialized in public health and received her Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Parasitology from Bernhard Nocht Institute in Hamburg. She has a long record of various public health assignments on the federal, state and local level with a focus on infectious disease control.  She is currently the spokeswoman for the technical committee “Health Reporting and Prevention” of the German Federal Association of Medical Doctors in Public Health Service and a lecturer for “Family and Community Health” at the Hamburg University for Applied Sciences. 
Besides her work in Germany, she spent 15 years in Eastern and Southern Africa working with GIZ as development adviser to a District Health Management Team, as a health project coordinator as well as country and regional director.  
Since the start of the Covid-19-pandemic, her focus has shifted to fighting the pandemic successfully.

2️⃣ Dr Moraa Gachemba: She is a Mother, Physician (Internal Medicine) and Health Advocate. She Graduated from Moi University (MBChB) and the University of Nairobi (MMed Internal Medicine). She has a keen interest in cardiology and research.
As a proponent of the human rights approach to healthcare, she is a strong believer of physicians’ well being as a key determinant of quality health care. 

3️⃣ Marina Lorsch: She works as a microbiologist at a local German Public Health institute. Since the beginning of the pandemic she was one of the leading coordinators of pandemic and crisis management in a major German city.

4️⃣ Jörg Spors: He is the hygiene officer of the fire department of a German city. He has a lot of experience with epidemics and pandemics, and also has international experience. One of his projects is a cooperation between Germany and Mongolia to support the hygiene measures there. He works together with Marina Lorsch and coordinates the pandemic and crisis management of a major German city.

How do I register?
Be sure to register right away here
N/B: The webinar will be streamed live to our YouTube channel for those who will not be able to attend to view later.