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Webinar: Influencing risk perceptions about COVID

WHO is hosting a webinar titled: Influencing risk perceptions about COVID. It will be on  September 29th at 12pm gmt. IFMSA will be a speaker in the panel.

During COVID-19 individuals have faced real and perceived risks affecting health, family and economy. The public’s perception of risk is often influenced heavily by personal, emotional, social and cultural influences while scientific and medical experts rely on concrete evidence related to severity and prevalence. Between this divide lies risk communication and community engagement response. This webinar will highlight new data on global perceptions of risk, methodologies for managing risk perception and country examples of best practice.


  • Kanishka Bhattacharya, Project Lead, Dalberg Consulting – Overview of global data on risk perceptions and behaviors – a framework, data mapping and gaps, and emerging insights
  • Stephen Catling and Rachel Maher – Risk perceptions and response for COVID-19 – Afghanistan’s experience
  • Pahurat K. Taisuwan, PhD. Ministry of Public Health Thailand – Risk perceptions and response for COVID-19 – Thailand’s experience
  • Saad Uakkas,  IFMSA Liaison Officer to Student Organizations and global COVID campaign coordinator – Global Youth Risk Perception on COVID-19: a brief review on Global Youth Survey and community engagement
  • Marsha Vanderford, PhD, Former Emergency Risk Communication Director – WHO & US CDC – Influencing Risk Perception about COVID 19 to Encourage Healthy Behaviors

You can register in this link
Looking forward to see you all there.