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Webinar: Interprofessional collaboration and collaboration

[Regional Priority Webinar: Health Workforce] 

(Interprofessional Collaboration and Education)


  1. Background:
    1. Following up on our Call for Action towards building a sustainable Health Workforce, IFMSA European Region and IPSF European Regional Office would like to invite you to the Webinar on Interprofessional Collaboration and Education.
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Dear friends,
Following up on our Call for Action towards building a sustainable Health Workforce, IFMSA European Region and IPSF European Regional Office would like to invite you to the Webinar on Interprofessional Collaboration and Education, in order to find out more information about how you can contribute to enable effective collaboration and improve our current Health Systems.
Register at the following link to reserve your spot now!
At this point, we all know what an important role Interprofessional Collaboration and Education plays in the professional development of our Health Workforce and improvement of our Health Systems. 
In fact, successful Interprofessional Education provides the necessary tools for future health care professionals to be comfortable to work with other professions and to optimize the skills and expertise of each member, which allows Health Systems to be more robust and efficient, to provide better health care and to ensure higher patient safety.

Date: 25th May 2020
Time: 4:00 PM GMT


  • Dr. Ivan Dimov Ivanov: Team Leader, Global Workers’ Health Programme Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, World Health Organization
  • Omnia El Omrani: IFMSA Liaison Officer for Public Health Issues
  • Hera Ali: IPSF Chairperson of Public Health

With warmest regards on behalf of the European Regional Team,