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Webinar: Is Space Closing for Civil Society in Global Health?

Is Space Closing for Civil Society in Global Health?
Tuesday, 19 May 202016:00 – 17:30

73rd World Health Assembly Week
With restrictions in many countries on nongovernmental organisations, and sweeping new laws coming into play in response to COVID-19, is space closing for civil society, journalists and other whistleblowers in global health? Who will speak for civil society in the COVID-19 response, and what role –if any– will they play in oversight of the billions to be spent? Do civil society activists on the boards of global health agencies act as a force for accountability, or does being at the table with powerful donors, governments and UN agencies limit what they say? Leading international activists and journalists debate these and related questions from national and international perspectives. Co-organised by the Global Health Centre, STOPAIDS and Medicus Mundi International.
Gargeya Telakapalli Research Associate, People’s Health Movement
Mercy Korir Journalist, KTN News, Kenya
Mike Podmore Executive Director, STOPAIDS
Nadejda Dermendjieva Executive Director, Bulgarian Fund for Women
Thomas Schwarz Executive Secretary, Medicus Mundi International
Meg Davis Special Advisor, Global Health Centre